10 New Upcoming Crypto ICOs 2023

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Initial coin offerings (ICOs) provide unrivaled investment opportunities for growth investors. In addition to early-bird pricing, ICO tokens usually enter the crypto space with a small market capitalization.

This article discusses the 10 best crypto ICOs for 2023 in terms of growth potential, tokenomics, USPs, and more.

List of the Best Upcoming Crypto ICOs in 2023

When selecting the best ICO crypto for an investment portfolio, consider the 10 projects below:

  1. Love Hate Inu – Overall Best ICO Crypto for Maximum Gains

  2. Fight Out – One of the Biggest ICOs of 2023 – Over $5.4 Million Already Raised

  3. C+Charge – Global EV Charging Network With Carbon Credit Rewards

  4. RobotEra – New Metaverse World With NFT-Backed Land Ownership

  5. Artyfact – Play-and-Earn Ecosystem With GameFi Rewards

  6. LimeWire – Decentralized Music Streaming Platform Where Artists Own Their Content

  7. SOLA-X – Smart Liquidity Hub for Decentralized Finance Providers

  8. InteractWith – User-Friendly Ecosystem for App-Based NFTs

  9. Chain GPT – AI-Backed Chat Box for Crypto Analytics and Data

  10. Mintlayer – Legally Compliant Financial Services on the Blockchain

Best New Crypto ICOs in 2023 – Full Analysis

While it can be tempting to invest in a new crypto ICO without conducting research, this is a surefire way of losing money in the long run.

The most successful crypto investors will spend ample time assessing the whitepaper, management team, tokenomics, use cases, and more.

Read on to find our full analysis of the 10 best ICO cryptos of 2023.

1. Love Hate Inu – Overall Best ICO Vote-to-Earn Meme Coin with Trending Presale

Love Hate Inu is set to be the most promising crypto ICO of the year. The ICO campaign has just been launched and is offering LHINU tokens at the lowest price point. But like all notable ICOs, it is the underlying product itself that will see Love Hate Inu succeed. In simple terms, Love Hate Inu is building a vote-to-earn platform.

This means that users will earn crypto rewards for voting. Rewards are paid in LHINU tokens, which follow the ERC-20 standard. The Love Hate Inu platform will utilize smart contract agreements to safeguard the voting process. This is in terms of security, anonymity, and legitimacy. As such, Love Hate Inu alleviates the threat of voter manipulation.

It achieves this goal through the blockchain protocol. For instance, users will first need to stake LHINU tokens to access the voting poll. This validates that the individual has a stake in the project and, thus – they are eligible to vote. Moreover, additional LHINU rewards will be earned while staking. This is in addition to voting rewards.

Votes will be conducted on a wide range of topics – set by the Love Hate Inu community. For example, users can vote on who they wish to become the next US president. Unlike conventional ‘opinion polls’, Love Hate Inu cannot be influenced by third-party donors. This is because each vote is verified by the blockchain network.

Votes can also be conducted on non-political events, such as social issues, sports, entertainment, and more. There is no limit in this regard, as long as the user has a sufficient number of LHINU tokens staked. With that said, Love Hate Inu will also enable non-LHINU holders to publish polls to the community.

This will result in additional rewards being distributed to LHINU holders, including more tokens and even NFT discounts. After all, companies and brands seeking surveys from the Love Hate Inu community will be charged accordingly. The Love Hate Inu roadmap also lists a fully-fledged metaverse with immersive voting experiences.

This will enable Love Hate Inu to target a completely new marketplace and, ultimately, increase the number of LHINU tokens being staked. In terms of the fundamentals, the Love Hate Inu ICO is in stage one and LHINU tokens are priced at $0.000085. This is a staggered ICO, meaning that the price will continue to increase as each mini-batch is sold.

But crucially, this ICO is offering stage one investors an upside of 70%. This is because of the price that LHINU will be listed on an exchange after the ICO. Finally, we should note that 90% of the LHINU supply is being sold during the ICO campaign. This protects investors from a rug pull occurring, considering that Love Hate Inu will retain just 10% of the remaining supply.

The presale was launched just over a week ago and it’s already raised more than $690k! To learn more about this best crypto ICO, you can read the Love Hate Inu whitepaper and the Telegram group.

Visit Love Hate Inu ICO

2. Fight Out – One of the Biggest ICOs of 2023 – Over $5.4 Million Already Raised

One of the biggest upcoming initial coin offerings to already hit the market is Fight Out. So far, more than $5.4 million has been raised. Fight Out is looking to create a change in the global fitness industry through tokenized rewards. With the Fight Out app, users will receive rewards for when ‘moving’.

But this is not merely a pedometer that counts steps. On the contrary, Fight Out is a fully-fledged web3 ecosystem that can track and reward all movements. This covers walking, yoga, tennis, running, weightlifting, pilates, strength training, and much more. Each workout routine will vary in effort and physical results, so this is reflected in the rewards paid.

Nonetheless, Fight Out distributes all fitness rewards instantly via REPS. This is an Ethereum-based crypto token that motivates users to get fit. REPS can be used for many use cases within the Fight Out ecosystem, including in-app purchases. The tokens can also be swapped for Fight Out’s utility token – FGHT.

FGHT is currently being sold via the ongoing ICO and will be listed on an exchange upon completion. Not only does FGHT bridge fitness rewards to real-world earnings, but the tokens are required to access the ecosystem. Fight Out has opted for a staking framework for this purpose, rather than charging traditional subscription fees.

This means that by locking FGHT tokens, users can earn rewards as well as generate passive income. To proceed with an investment, FGHT can be purchased via the ICO today at just $0.02850. The price will rise every 12 hours until the ICO finishes. Those with a longer-term strategy can boost their FGHT allocation by 67% through vesting. But this isn’t compulsory.

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3. C+Charge – Global EV Charging Network With Carbon Credit Rewards

C+Charge is yet another ICO that is raising capital at a fast rate. More than $2.8 million has already been raised from investors and just two stages are left before the hard cap target is met. This does, however, mean that investors can still secure a discount. This is because as each stage passes, the price increases.

In terms of the product, C+Charge is building an ecosystem that rewards EV drivers when they charge their vehicles. Drivers will receive GNT tokens, which are backed by voluntary carbon credits. What’s more, as the carbon credits are tokenized, they can easily be stored and even sold in the open market.

The value of carbon credits, and subsequently GNT tokens, is based on global demand and supply. Over the past few years, the carbon credit market has seen exponential growth. This is due to increased regulatory scrutiny on excess carbon emissions. In other words, when organizations need to emit higher levels, they are required to purchase carbon credits.

But unlike other initiatives in this space, the C+Charge ecosystem is backed by the blockchain. This means that carbon credit rewards are distributed fairly and transparently. To benefit from this innovative rewards system, EV drivers will need to obtain CCHG tokens. This is the main utility token backing C+Charge. Just like GNT, CCHG follows the ERC-20 standard.

CCHG’s utility comes from its status as a payment currency. This means that EV drivers will use their CCHG tokens when paying to charge their cars. When it comes to pricing, the C+Charge ICO is offering CCHG at $0.019 each. As noted, stage seven and eight investors will pay a higher price. Once listed on an exchange, the price of CCHG will once again increase.

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4. RobotEra – New Metaverse World With NFT-Backed Land Ownership

RobotEra is a brand new crypto ICO that has just launched. This will appeal to investors that want to secure the best entry possible before prices increase. After all, RobotEra is offering its native TARO token at just $0.20 right now. But the next stage will increase by 25%. As such, this offers an attractive upside for stage one buyers.

RobotEra is involved in one of the highest-growth markets of 2023 – the metaverse. Although this space is becoming competitive, the RobotEra metaverse stands out in many ways. For instance, users have unfettered access to RobotEra in terms of buying land and building real estate.

There are no limitations to what can be achieved, and the process is suitable for beginners. This is because RobotEra has created a drag-and-drop builder that is suitable for all skill sets. Users can build anything they wish, from stadiums and museums to apartments, casinos, and universities.

Users can even earn money from their RobotEra real estate. This can come from passive income by renting land to other users or selling virtual experiences. Users can even benefit from appreciation, should the value of their metaverse land increase. Buying and selling real estate is safe, too, considering that each plot is backed by an NFT.

We also like that RobotEra will enable developers to build and host games in its metaverse. Each game will offer play-to-earn rewards, payable in TARO. RobotEra is also a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This means that TARO token holders have a say in how the RobotEra metaverse is run.

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5. Artyfact – Play-and-Earn Ecosystem With GameFi Rewards

Artyfact is building a play-and-earn ecosystem alongside web3 technologies. This means that games are hosted on the blockchain and facilitated by smart contracts. The gaming ecosystem will be developed within a metaverse world and all titles will enable gamers to earn rewards.

Artyfact notes that multiple genres will be covered, offering an all-in-one ecosystem for every type of gamer. When playing Artyfact games, rewards are paid in the native token, ARTY. Moreover, every in-game item is backed by an NFT.

This includes everything from vehicles and land to weapons and apparel. Either way, this means that Artyfact players will own any in-game items that they earn or buy. The Artyfact ICO has just been launched, so early investors will secure a first-mover advantage.

For instance, the current ICO price of ARTY is $0.28 per token. The minimum and maximum investment is $250 and $25,000, respectively. After the ICO, an initial direct offering will then take place. This will increase the price to $0.38 per ARTY.

6. LimeWire – Decentralized Music Streaming Platform Where Artists Own Their Content

LimeWire is one of the best upcoming ICO campaigns for music fans. The project is building a decentralized platform that will enable users to stream music. But most importantly, all tracks on the LimeWire platform are owned by the respective artists.

This means that artists will receive fair payment for their work. There are several ways for artists to monetize their content on LimeWire. This includes royalties, which are paid whenever fans purchase a track. Artists will also receive a share of monthly subscription fees paid by listeners.

The native crypto token of LimeWire is LMWR. Token holders can pay for subscription fees, purchase tracks, and even cast votes for their favorite songs and artists. LimeWire has already raised more than $10 million through a private, strategic sale.

However, additional LMWR tokens will be available to the public via the upcoming ICO. The first public sale will look to raise $400,000 and will price LMWR tokens at just $0.16. The totalidade supply of LMWR is 1 billion and the tokens operate on the Ethereum blockchain.

7. SOLA-X – Smart Liquidity Hub for Decentralized Finance Providers

SOLA-X is also looking to raise funds via its ICO cryptocurrency sale. This project is building a smart liquidity hub that is aimed at decentralized finance (DeFi) providers. This includes liquidity routing, which ensures that deposited tokens can be routed to multiple pools.

This will help traders maximize their APYs and subsequently reduce impairment loss risk. Front-running is another tool being developed by SOLA-X. This helps prevent abnormal slippage levels on DeFi exchanges and reduces the threat of market manipulation.

Moreover, this innovative project will also help brand-new startups secure much-needed liquidity after launching their respective tokens. Each transaction that takes place in the SOLA-X ecosystem will be conducted in SAX.

This is the native token backing the project, and it is currently available via an ICO seed sale. Each SAX token costs just $0.0175 during the current phase, which is the lowest price possible. However, there is a $10,000 minimum investment required. Plus, vesting for six months.

8. InteractWith – User-Friendly Ecosystem for App-Based NFTs

InteractWith is a B2B (business-to-business) supplier of NFT technologies. Put simply, the project enables applications to incorporate NFTs in their respective iOS/Android apps. Applications are not required to have prior blockchain knowledge.

For example, through InteractWith, a gaming app can enable players to earn in-game assets that are backed by NFTs. This could be anything from a racing car or weapon to a trophy. This can be achieved through both APIs and SDKs, making the set-up process seamless.

The InteractWith ecosystem is backed by INTER tokens. This is an ERC-20 token and the totalidade supply is just 100 million. The upcoming ICO will sell 13% of the totalidade supply. The initial stage of the ICO will look to raise $800,000. In totalidade, the project requires just over $1.6 million in funding.

9. Chain GPT – AI-Backed Chat Box for Crypto Analytics and Data

Chain GPT is building an analytics and data dashboard that is backed by sintético intelligence (AI). As the name suggests, the underlying technology is sourced from ChatGPT. However, while ChatGPT offers answers to broad questions, Chain GPT specializes in crypto and blockchain technology.

This enables companies in this industry to source high-level analytics. For example, companies can generate risk management and anti-money laundering policies, create knowledge guides and FAQs, and analyze blockchain codes.

Chain GPT can also be used to perform technical analysis, fundamental research, and source real-time news. To access the Chain GPT technology, users will need to sign up for a subscription plan. All fees are paid in the native token, CGPT.

There are three plans aimed at both individuals and businesses with varying features and functionality. For instance, the more expensive plans offer faster response times and a greater number of requests. The Chain GPT ICO starts on March 20th.

10. Mintlayer – Legally Compliant Financial Services on the Blockchain

Mintlayer is a new startup that is looking to bring conventional financial services to the blockchain. Unlike traditional DeFi ecosystems, Mintlayer aims to offer legally compliant agreements that come with water-tight investor protections.

For example, the project will support tokenized equity, with a strong focus on real estate. It will also support investment payouts, taxation, and lending services. Mintlayer also notes that it utilizes advanced scalability methods to offer both node inclusivity and network security.

Additionally, the Mintlayer ecosystem will also support staking and governance tools. The latter enables ML holders to vote on how the project is run. Moreover, Mintlayer has also developed its own wallet, Mojito. This connects to the Bitcoin Lightning Network in real-time.

The native crypto asset of this project is ML and the totalidade supply is 400 million tokens. The Mintlayer ICO is set to begin on March 21st. The ICO will price ML tokens at $0.25 each and nearly 34% of the totalidade supply will be sold.

How to Find the Best Upcoming ICOs

When assessing the best ICO to invest in 2023, consider the following research methods:

Data Aggregator Sites

The first step when searching for new initial coin offerings in 2023 is to use a data aggregator website.

These are websites that offer an initial coin offering list in real-time. As such, investors can view ICOs that are about to start in the coming days and weeks.

CoinMarketCap is a good option here, which offers a section dedicated to ICOs.

The platform displays each ICO in order of the start date alongside information on the hard cap target, token price, investment minimums, and more.

Social Media

Social media is an even more effective way to find the best ICO crypto listings. The reason for this is that social media enables investors to find trending projects that offer new ICOs.

For example, we found that the Love Hate Inu is generating considerable hype on Reddit and Twitter. This suggests that the Love Hate Inu ICO is expected to be a huge success.

And when a crypto project has mass awareness, this can often result in a prolonged appreciation once the tokens are listed on an exchange.

To find trending projects on social media, consider search terms like ‘crypto ICO’ and ‘crypto presale’.

Whitepaper and Tokenomics

After creating a shortlist of upcoming ICOs, the next step is to conduct some in-depth research. Begin with the project’s whitepaper, which should be listed on its homepage.

  • Explore the product or service that the project is building and what real-world problems it solves, if any.

  • Be sure to assess the roadmap too. This outlines objectives that the project wishes to achieve by a certain date.

  • Tokenomics are important too. This refers to the totalidade supply of the tokens and how much will be sold during the ICO.

Ideally, it’s wise to focus on projects that are selling a majority of their supply during the ICO campaign. This will reduce the threat of a rug pull and ensure that token holders own the vast bulk of the project.

A good example here is Love Hate Inu, which is selling 90% of its LHINU tokens during its ICO.


Irrespective of broader market conditions, crypto ICOs continue to raise funds in their droves. The most attractive aspect is that after the ICO finishes, the token will be listed on an exchange. This is the stage that enables investors to target a huge upside on their investment.

Overall, we found that Love Hate Inu could be the biggest ICO campaign of the year. The project is bringing voting power to the community via blockchain and other web3 technologies.

By investing in the Love Hate Inu ICO today, investors will secure a 70% discount when compared to its exchange listing price.

Visit Love Hate Inu ICO

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