Beam jumps 20% as it expands gaming ecosystem from Avalanche to Immutable zkEVM

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Merit Circle DAO has partnered with Immutable to expand its Beam gaming ecosystem. This strategic alliance will see Beam, Merit Circle’s open-source blockchain network, launch on the Immutable zkEVM, a high-performance scaling solution powered by Polygon.

Initially deployed on Avalanche as a subnet, Beam aims to simplify game development and enhance player experience. This partnership marks a significant expansion for the platform, making its blockchain technology accessible to a broader audience.

The collaboration includes integrating Immutable’s next-generation web3 solutions like Immutable Orderbook and Immutable Passport into the Beam ecosystem. These tools will allow studios and content creators to increase revenue and liquidity through shared in-game do dedo asset orders across major marketplaces. Additionally, web3 game developers will gain access to tools for passwordless sign-on and automated wallet creation, streamlining the onboarding process for players.

Marco van den Heuvel, CGO and Co-founder of Merit Circle expressed enthusiasm for the potential of the partnership:

“At the Merit Circle DAO, we want Beam – our gaming ecosystem – to be wherever games, players and developers are. This collaboration with Immutable and Polygon Labs represents a huge leap towards that vision.”

He further stated that he believes that blockchain technology will soon define gaming and that the community needs a marketplace that reflects that.

Immutable’s recent collaborations with Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab and Amazon Web Services further highlight the growing interest in blockchain technology within the gaming industry. This partnership with Merit Circle DAO represents another step towards mainstream adoption.

Both organizations are confident that their combined expertise will create a unique and innovative gaming experience. While the initial focus is on the Sphere gaming marketplace, the collaboration aims to explore further synergies and contribute to the advancement of the gaming industry as a whole.

Beam Avalanche subnet performance.

The Beam blockchain network has experienced explosive growth on the Avalanche subnet in recent months, culminating in a 20% price increase and a surge in network activity following its partnership with Immutable. Beam retraced slightly following the surge to $0.0162, up around 15% over the past 24 hours as of press time. Furthermore, totalidade addresses have increased from 2,300 at the start of November to 110,000 on Dec. 6.

BEAM total addresses
BEAM totalidade addresses

Active addresses averaged around 100 before November, reached an all-time high (ATH) of 17,000 on Dec. 1, and jumped again to 15,340 after the Immutable announcement.

BEAM active addressesBEAM active addresses
BEAM active addresses

These stats highlight the significant impact of the Immutable partnership on Beam’s adoption and user base, along with critical data that likely influenced the decision to invest further in the ecosystem.

Merit Circle DAO’s extensive network of portfolio games, deep industry expertise, and $100+ million treasury position them well to leverage the opportunities presented by this partnership. They have also expressed commitment to exploring potential investments in games and studios building on Immutable.

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