Best Crypto Youtube Channels For Crypto Enthusiasts 2023

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Are you looking to get started on cryptocurrencies but not sure how to go about it? Youtube is the best place to start your research. Having the right information when you start to trade beats going in blindly. Once you become part of the crypto market, you need to keep updating your knowledge and keep up with industry trends. 

For the best crypto experience, you need a top-rated dedicated Youtube channel. Here are the best crypto Youtube channels to follow. 

Top Crypto YouTubers by Category

In this post, we’ll go through some of the top channels on YouTube to subscribe to if you’re interested in cryptocurrency, broken down into four main categories: crypto basics, crypto investment, crypto news and crypto Knowledge.

It’s possible that any of these YouTube channels might be featured in more than one group, but we’ll only include each once. We’ll give you a summary of each channel, detailing what it is about, how often content is uploaded, and how many subscribers it has.

Remember that the content of these channels is not intended as financial advice, and you should use caution when applying any of the information presented therein to your investment strategies. These Youtube channels are better suited for education or entertainment purposes.

Crypto Basics

If you’re just starting with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, you’ll find some excellent resources here. They are invaluable resources for first-time and seasoned users wishing to learn more.


If you want to keep tabs on the value of various cryptocurrencies, then you should visit CoinMarketCap. The CoinMarketCap YouTube channel, however, is also very popular and has over 350k followers. This channel covers a wide range of topics related to cryptography, from the most fundamental concepts to the most advanced applications. They consistently update their contents.


CoinGecko is a decent substitute for CMC’s YouTube Channel if you’re looking to stay updated with the value of various do dedo assets. The CoinGecko YouTube channel only has 77k followers, but it is packed with helpful tutorials, explanations, and market analysis. A couple times a week they’ll put out a new video.


When it comes to explaining the rudimentary ideas of the crypto sector, 99Bitcoins is one of the greatest crypto YouTube channels. 

With over 710k subscribers, 99Bitcoins is a popular cryptocurrency education resource. It provides instructional information that someone with no prior knowledge can understand.

Videos are uploaded once a week on average, and even then, they’re just four minutes long. But the films do a great job of introducing each topic.


Simplilearn is not only a crypto channel; it covers a wide range of topics, such as cyber security, programming, and blockchain. In addition to their free tutorials, the channel’s website also features paid courses that may be taken to further one’s understanding of the topics covered there. Quite a few videos out there clock in at 5 hours or more. Their crypto content is uploaded sporadically.

Crypto Banter

The YouTube channel Crypto Banter is also quite well-liked by crypto enthusiasts. Run Neuner, a certified financial analyst with extensive expertise in cryptocurrency investment and trading, hosts the channel.

Every day, Crypto Banter uploads several videos, some of which provide basic research and others which provide market updates. In addition, it is the first blockchain-focused live-streaming channel on Youtube. During the live broadcast, viewers can talk to Run and other subscribers.


If you want to study the fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we highly recommend checking out Andreas Antonopoulos’s YouTube channel. With over 300,000 followers, Andreas’ channel is a hit with his audience because of his humorous comments on a wide range of issues. Though he doesn’t upload very frequently, his videos remain informational and relevant.

Crypto Casey

Crypto Casey is widely regarded as the go-to spot for explanations of complex ideas. If you’re searching for content to aid with the rapid and easy digestion of otherwise mind-boggling knowledge, you can rely on Crypto Casey’s relatively short but quality-heavy video collection.

You can’t help but appreciate the channel content for any issue, whether it’s the Ethereum network, the workings of Bitcoin, the safety of a wallet, or something else entirely. Lately, though, the channel’s emphasis has switched to a weekly video feature called “Last Week Crypto,” in which the channel’s creators recap the week’s noteworthy events in the cryptocurrency industry.

Crypto Investment (Technical analysis)

YouTube channels that focus on the technical analysis of cryptocurrencies can be found here. This involves analysing trade charts, discussing macroeconomic considerations, and more.

Benjamin Cowen

In 2019, Benjamin Cowen began uploading videos to YouTube and amassed over 744,000 subscribers and 71 million video views.

The perspective that Cowen takes on crypto is what makes his YouTube channel interesting to watch. Instead of using flashy slogans and memes, he zeroes in on indicators that really influence pricing and forecasting. He takes a scientific and practical approach to cryptography, but presents it in a way that’s easy to understand.

Crypto Lark

If you are looking for the best Youtube crypto channel for a guide on trading then The Crypto Lark is the best place. This channel run by Lark Davies is the best in the industry in getting you to understand how the various cryptocurrencies work and how to invest in them.

Lark has several years of experience in stock markets and cryptocurrencies, thus, giving analysis from an informed perspective. His political science background also plays a role in ensuring proper analysis. 

The channel has several explainer videos together with industry experts interviews. 

Crypto Michaël

Van de Poppe, a technical analyst with 165k followers on YouTube, often uploads videos providing technical analysis on a wide range of assets and discussing broad macroeconomic trends. Over 600,000 people follow him on Twitter. A couple times a week, he uploads new videos.

Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary has over 700,000 followers to his YouTube channel, where he talks about his experiences as a Shark on Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den. He shares his views on the economy and cryptocurrencies in video posts. About once a week, he’ll upload a new video.

Brian Jung

With over 1.16 million YouTube followers, Brian Jung is widely regarded as an authority on cryptocurrency investment. To the extent that his contents on business, credit, and personal money management were influential, Jung has a keen understanding of how to construct assets according to his experience as a successful entrepreneur who founded The Credit Society.

In his videos, he delves deeply into topics like altcoins, legislation, the crypto market downturn, and more to discuss the most recent market analyses and projections. Being a financial stability advocate by trade, Jung is cautious about going all in on the cryptocurrency market.

Data Dash

Data is one of the most subscribed Youtube crypto channels, thanks to its in-depth and informative content. The channel is run by Nicholas Merten who creates top content on crypto trading tips and analyses the technical side of crypto trading. The channel also has videos on different financial instruments. 

Merten is the creator of Project Genesis, an open-source platform for developing new projects in blockchain technology. You can also follow his Twitter for more details on crypto trading and analysis. 

Meet Kevin

When it comes to cryptocurrency investments, many people turn to the Meet Kevin YouTube channel. The channel is run by Kevin Paffrath, a real estate, stock, and cryptocurrency investor who has amassed a fortune. Despite his hectic schedule, he uploads four or five crypto films daily, demonstrating an extraordinary amount of energy and enthusiasm for the field. He has over 1.82 million members because of his prolific activity on the network.

Meet Kevin’s information is helpful because of the open and frank discussion about cryptocurrency investment. He can apply his business acumen to the analysis of crypto developments because of his extensive background in the financial sector as a whole.

Crypto News & Regulation

The channels in this area offer viewers cryptocurrency-related news on YouTube. Information on regulatory developments and other issues influencing the cryptocurrency industry is also included.

Andreas Antonopoulos 

Andreas Antonopolous is one of the most influential crypto figures in the world. As one of the longest-ever Bitcoin crusaders, Antonopolous has become an authority in the crypto space. He runs one of the best crypto Youtube channels, delivering keynote speeches and other crypto analyses.

Antonopoulos’s Youtube channel is an informational site for all aspects of the crypto industry. You can rely on the channel, whether it’s the crypto trends, tokens, and market changes. 


If you’re looking for the latest crypto business news, data, and analysis, go no further than CryptosRUs. George Tung, the creator, often updates his 641,000 subscribers with new films. Since its 2017 inception, the channel’s videos have amassed over 84 million views.

In contrast to other YouTube crypto celebrities, Tung can distil a lot of information into 30- to 40-minute videos. As a result of his considerable background in IT, he is both able to comprehend and explain the workings of cryptography. In each video, he also includes Q&A time for viewers.

Kitco News

Cryptocurrencies may not be directly correlated to traditional assets, but they are nevertheless susceptible to market forces. Investors in cryptocurrencies, therefore, would be well to keep an eye on both political and economic developments.

Kitco News is a top-tier service that caters to those interested in the stock market. The channel also features interviews with industry leaders that discuss recent developments in the cryptocurrency market.

In any case, this is a fantastic channel to subscribe to if you want to keep up with market news in general and hear the opinions of a wide range of financial professionals.


CoinTelegraph is a crypto news outlet and has a YouTube channel.. Over the past year, they’ve amassed over 150,000 followers by sharing films covering topics including cryptocurrency news, documentaries, interviews, and anecdotes. While they don’t update as often as CoinDesk, they upload videos numerous times a week.


Over 75,000 people subscribe to the official CoinDesk channel on YouTube. Videos covering events in the cryptocurrency industry are published on the channel, frequently accompanied with an article from the site. They consistently release many videos every day.

Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily is a YouTube channel managed by Austin and Aaron Arnold, two siblings who have amassed over 1.2 million followers. Videos on cryptocurrency news, daily market analysis, and do dedo token prices are among the topics covered by Altcoin Daily. Also, several videos have instructional material, interviews, and commentary.

Besides covering cryptocurrency, the channel delves into allied fields, including mining, blockchain tech, and the mystical Internet of Things. Altcoin Daily’s articles may be of interest to anyone searching for the top NFTs.

Do dedo Asset News

Do dedo Asset News is the channel to subscribe to to get the most important news regarding cryptocurrencies and do dedo assets in concise, easily consumable pieces.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, the financial markets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and trading in general, this YouTube channel is a gold mine of useful information.

In addition, your host Rob is an investor who is passionate about sharing his knowledge of cryptocurrency and the news industry through a series of videos and modules he created called DAN Teaches Crypto.

Crypto Zombie

Crypto Zombie provides a lot more up-to-date and provides a sharp daily look into altcoin markets with insights and foresight, analysis of Bitcoin price behaviour, and coverage of all the major events taking place in the crypto sector.

The most recent and trending topics in the blockchain industry, as well as discussions with industry executives and initiatives, are constantly discussed on his show. And it’s always good that each video opens and closes with a meme.

Don’t be fooled by clickbait titles and images; Crypto Zombie offers many insightful perspectives based on careful research and a deep familiarity with the cryptocurrency sector that you may come to appreciate.

Crypto Knowledge (Asset Breakdowns, Guides)

Users interested in learning more about certain cryptocurrencies/blockchains, how-to instructions for tasks like wallet setup, and deep dives into other crypto-related subjects can check out the channels in this section.

Coin Bureau 

Coin bureau is the best crypto Youtube channel for fundamental analysis. It is the ideal site for research on crypto as it’s not all about the hype. Instead, it looks objectively into various crypto projects to provide clear and unbiased reviews. This makes it the best place to find information for long-term crypto investment. 

Bitboy Crypto

With over 1.7 million followers, BitBoy Crypto is a major voice in the cryptocurrency space on YouTube. To many, American investor and alt-finance specialist Ben Armstrong is the man to turn to for the latest information and advice on the rapidly developing world of do dedo currencies. About three to four videos are uploaded to BitBoy Crypto’s channel daily.

Armstrong’s immense popularity may be attributed, in part, to their skill in distilling extensive technical expertise and analysis into material that is both accessible and entertaining. In addition, the channel’s varied guest experts provide a rich source of information regarding the cryptocurrency market. 

KIR Finance

One of the more modest channels on this list, Keepin’ It Real (KIR) Finance has just over 20k viewers. He writes in-depth analyses of different crypto assets, updates on the latest crypto news every week, and explains pieces of information. Once a week, he usually shares a new video.

Ivan on Tech 

Ivan is one of the leading Youtube crypto channels created by Ivan Liljeqvist, a Swedish Youtuber. Ivan analyses the technical side of crypto, presenting it in an easy-to-understand format. He also provides well-researched content, making him one of the most popular crypto Youtubers. 

Ivan is also an international speaker, blockchain consultant, software developer, and data scientist. 

Ivan on Tech has various series and programs that engage the audience depending on their liking. The latest of the series on the Youtube channel is “Good morning crypto” where he livestreams and talks about crypto-related news. 

The CryptoDad

The CryptoDad is a great channel with in-depth instructions on many different subjects, such as how to set up a hardware wallet, trade cryptocurrencies, and install the necessary software. The channel has over 150k regular viewers due to its weekly content updates.

Sheldon Evans

Sheldon Evans, a well-known figure in the cryptography industry, has a YouTube channel with the same name that has over 730k subscribers. This channel covers various topics, including forecasts for cryptocurrency prices, market analyses, industry trends, and more.

Videos are only sometimes posted by Sheldon Evans, though. But Evans is a big fan of NFT as he has released his own line of NFT apparel, NOSTALGIA, which can be purchased on OpenSea.

Why Follow Crypto YouTube Channels?

At first glance, Twitter and other real-time alerting tools may seem preferable to YouTube for keeping up with the crypto market. After all, YouTubers need some time to produce and publish a video. 

There are a great number of crypto-focused YouTubers committed to educating their audiences. Find out why subscribing to the most popular and trustworthy crypto channels on YouTube is beneficial by reading on!

Get Crypto Investment Opportunities

Unfortunately, not every crypto investor keeps a close watch on the market and evaluates the latest price data. However, investors can obtain a far deeper understanding of market news and, more crucially, how to interpret it by watching relevant YouTube channels.

One of the first crypto influencers to submit a video on Tamadoge, touting the platform’s potential was Jacob Bury. Above, this novel cryptocurrency concept successfully raised over $19 million in presale fundraising.

Or, to put it another way, YouTubers research so that their viewers may benefit as much as possible from new endeavours. On the other hand, users need only view the video based on the topics that interests them most.

Stay Updated with Crypto Market

YouTube has become the go-to place for learning about cryptocurrencies and staying updated with the sector. Investors and traders can choose a channel based on their tastes.

For instance, Coin Bureau and 99Bitcoins are just two of the top channels on our list that also do a fantastic job of educating their viewers. These channels are perfect for you if you’re just getting started in crypto and want to understand the basics visually.

Similarly, Benjamin Cowen and other such authors are great for novice technical traders. CryptoRUs, Crypto Zombie YouTube, and Jacob Bury are just a few of the YouTube channels that provide market updates and price predictions.

Some cryptocurrency influencers seek to objectively assess various do dedo currencies; others give their own thoughts on the market and its direction. Some investors may like one person’s strategy while another prefers another’s.

Learn Crypto Trading Strategies 

In the past, books were the only resource for acquiring knowledge about trading. But now, information on even the most complex crypto trading tactics is now a breeze thanks to YouTube channels.

Some YouTubers employ animation to illustrate intricate trading methods, while others go right to technical analysis, walking viewers through everything from charting software to reading graphs.

YouTubers also provide tutorials on how to use a trading platform, its tools, and how to place trades. In addition, there is no cost associated with accessing any of these resources.

Find the Best Crypto Products

Watching YouTube channels devoted to various brands and services is to learn more about them. For instance, a crypto investor seeking a do dedo wallet may have some inquiries on the most suitable product currently available.

Finding the best wallet is a breeze if you check out YouTube comments from satisfied customers. YouTube videos can show the wallet’s functionality and provide recommendations on the best service providers.

Similarly, prominent YouTubers often evaluate leading brokerage platforms, exchanges, cryptocurrency payment systems, and other relevant services.


Is YouTube useful for learning about crypto? 

YouTube is a fantastic place for learning about a challenging topic like bitcoin because of the numerous free videos and accessible resources. It can potentially help turn rookie crypto-curious people to savvy pros.

Which YouTube channel is best for crypto?

In 2023, popular crypto-focused YouTubers like Jacob Bury, 99Bitcoins, Coin Bureau, and BitBoy will stand out. You can also keep a watch on Data Dash or Brian Dung channels.

Who is the best crypto analyst on YouTube?

Watch YouTube channels like CoinBureau and Jacon Bury’s if you’re interested in fundamental analysis videos. The latter is also a fantastic way to learn about the technical aspects of forthcoming ICOs and to gain valuable information from industry experts.

Final Thoughts

More and more individuals are expressing interest in investing in cryptocurrencies, making these Youtube channels vital for discussing the quick changes in the field. Most crypto YouTube influencers have remained optimistic despite falling prices, betting that crypto assets would eventually recover. They collaborate closely with crypto influencers to highlight only the best and most relevant cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

Even if you don’t agree with every influencer’s crypto perspective or forecast, the fact that their information is freely available online is a huge time-saver. They’ve done the groundwork, and it’s up to you to choose what resonates best with your crypto investment preferences. You’re free to subscribe to as many channels as you like but always do your research before acting on anyone’s recommendation.

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