Bitcoin Dogs ICO Secures $5.7M, Pioneering Bitcoin Gaming and BRC-20

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Bitcoin Dogs ICO Secures $5.7M, Pioneering Bitcoin Gaming and BRC-20

Since February 14th, the Bitcoin Dogs presale has raised a totalidade of $5.7 million for the first coin on the Bitcoin network. The presale for Bitcoin Dogs, the first initial coin offering (ICO) on BRC-20, ends in 14 days.

There’s no indication that the Bitcoin Dogs community will stop growing. With more than 110k Twitter followers and more than 19k members of the official Telegram group, the following has surpassed 100k across all its primary social media platforms.

The developers of Bitcoin Dogs are experimenting with BRC-20 and Ordinals code to deliver the greatest gaming experience on the largest blockchain in the world. The team is all about making advances using the original chain.

Bitcoin Dogs targets $1B with GameFi and Ordinals fusion

In 2023, GameFi introduced itself to Bitcoin Ordinals. By 2031, it is expected to have a valuation of $90 billion.

The primary distinction between Axie Infinity and Bitcoin Dogs is that Axie Infinity does not have player-versus-player fights or a retro design. Instead, Bitcoin Dogs’ gameplay and retro design are closely linked to the king of all blockchains. A clear route to $1 billion has been laid out by implementing the tried-and-true gaming that the market likes and innovative ideas like the soon-to-launch Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collection.

Building on Bitcoin, done better

While there are certain obstacles to overcome to make GameFi function with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Dogs has a ton of ingenious solutions. For starters, other projects have decided to live on less secure networks because the immutability of the chain comes at the sacrifice of speed and convenience.

Bitcoin Dogs uses off-chain and hybrid structures to maintain system stability to address this problem. To provide the highest level of security, all assets—that is, dog NFTs, in-game money, and marketplace activity—are kept on the Bitcoin blockchain. Ordinals was created specifically for this purpose.

But everyday things happen off-chain to keep the game playable for the community. As a result, social interactions, dog races, and breeding can go without waiting for confirmations, and Bitcoin blocks won’t get overly full of data. There is less network congestion, and the game runs more quickly.

The group is currently searching for methods to improve the gaming experience going forward without compromising the permanence that Bitcoin’s customers adore. One possibility is cross-chain interoperability, where assets are kept on Bitcoin, and complex operations take place on chains designed for dApps.

Options for Layer 2 are also being considered. You can build on Bitcoin at scale with layering protocols like Stacks, and you can be sure that the Bitcoin Dogs team is looking into every possibility to keep things safe and secure as the community expands.

Right now, 0DOG is in stage 6 of a possible 10. There are 14 days left before it concludes on March 15th.

0DOG may be purchased on the official website for $0.0281.

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