Bitcoin Slips Past $39K, Elon Musk’s xAI Secures $500 Mln In Investments

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Crypto News LIVE Updates: Bitcoin echoed a speculative buzz across the broader crypto market once again, as the token’s price slipped past the $40 mark briefly today, after facing a pullback to $38K yesterday. As of writing, the Bitcoin price noted a 2.36% jump over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $39,981. However, the BTC price witnessed a flux near the $40K mark today. Meanwhile, altcoins like Ethereum, Solana, and XRP continued to witness a slump, collectively plunging 3%-6%, garnering significant attention globally.

On the other hand, Elon Musk’s sintético intelligence, xAI (Grok), recently announced that the project has successfully secured $500 million in investments. With this, the AI project is one step closer to its $1 billion evaluation goal, although the bigger picture is for a $15 billion evaluation, according to sources familiar with the matter.


07:20:00 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: South Korean Prosecutors Issue Arrest Warrant in Delio Case

South Korean prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for Bang, a medial figure in the Delio and Haru Invest withdrawal suspension case, as reported by Do dedo Asset. The warrant relates to fraud and breach of trust charges, following Delio’s and Haru Invest’s service suspensions linked to alleged mismanagement by B&S Holdings.

07:05:16 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Bitcoin Endures 21% Correction in Ongoing Bull Market Trend

According to @ali_charts, Bitcoin has undergone four significant corrections in the current bull market, including drops of 12% and 22.6%, alongside two 21% dips. The cryptocurrency is currently facing a 21% correction, which has persisted for 12 days, aligning with previous market patterns.

06:49:05 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Eric Balchunas Responds to Schiff’s Bitcoin ETF Skepticism

Amidst fund outflows from Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff questions the impact of new spot Bitcoin ETFs on market demand. Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg’s Senior ETF Analyst, counters Schiff’s views, highlighting the need for time to assess the new ETFs’ performance while acknowledging shifts in fund redistribution.

06:34:16 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Grayscale’s 530K Bitcoin Holdings May Sell Through Mid-March

WhaleChart reports that Grayscale, holding over 530,000 Bitcoin, may continue its selling streak until mid-March.

06:20:18 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Analyst: Altcoins Poised for Outperformance Over Bitcoin

Crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe believes the recent correction in the cryptocurrency market has created various opportunities, particularly for altcoins. He highlights Polkadot (DOT) as one such opportunity, noting its successful retest of the $5.50-6.00 level and speculating that Polkadot 2.0 could potentially trigger a rally pushing the price to $17.

06:05:17 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: SEC Cites Key Cases in Binance Permitido Showdown

The U.S. SEC has cited four court cases in its ongoing legal battle with Binance, including the Zakinov v. Ripple Labs suit, which questions XRP’s classification as a “security.” The SEC has yet to define clear boundaries for virtual tokens, leaving issuers in uncertainty, as the permitido proceedings continue.

05:48:14 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Celsius Network Shakes Crypto with $40M Ethereum Move to Coinbase

Celsius Network’s $40 million Ethereum transactions on Coinbase have sent shockwaves through the crypto community. The move is part of Celsius’ efforts to meet financial obligations amid bankruptcy proceedings, with recent deposits totaling over $621 million in Ethereum across various platforms.

05:28:00 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Samson Mow Calms Fears Over Mt. Gox Coin Release

Bitcoin advocate Samson Mow has downplayed concerns over unlocking Mt. Gox coins, emphasizing that long-term creditors are unlikely to flood the market with their assets. Mow believes the market can easily absorb any potential sales and urges creditors to consider the continued upward trajectory of Bitcoin’s value before opting for fiat gains.

05:08:47 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Bullish Pattern at Key Support May Surge Cardano Price to $0.6

ADA, the native token of the Cardano proof-of-stake blockchain, has demonstrated notable stability during market downturns, maintaining a position above $0.46. This support level aligns with the 50% Fibonacci retracement level, establishing a significant area of interest for buyers. Furthermore, insights from the cryptocurrency analytics service Santiment reveal that Cardano has surpassed several leading competitors in terms of monthly development activity, with a totalidade of 332.9 commits recorded on GitHub. Amid this development and demand pressure at $0.46, the ADA price may form a bullish reversal pattern of a double bottom to lead a rally above $0.6.

02:20:07 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: XRP Price Backs Fresh Rebound With $0.5 Support Holding Firmly

A crypto analyst known for cryptocurrency predictions, JD recently shared intriguing insights on XRP’s price action with the crypto community via the X (formerly Twitter). In JD’s analysis, he delved into the possibility of further declines while attempting to anticipate XRP’s future trajectory. According to JD’s observations, XRP might form a hidden bullish divergence weekly.

Examining the weekly chart, JD pointed out that XRP has been ensnared within a symmetrical triangular pattern since 2021. The data on his chart suggests that the cryptocurrency is approaching this triangle’s lower trendline. JD also highlighted specific price levels for his personal Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy, including $0.45, $0.51, and $0.59. This implies JD’s confidence in the long-term potential of XRP, and his insights have garnered significant attention within the crypto community. At the time of writing, XRP price is trading at $0.5180, with a 24-hour surge of more than 2%.

04:00:59 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Healthy Retracement Sets SUI price for 20% Rally

Defying the current market sell-off, the SUI token price showcased its suitability above the combined support of $1 and 38.2% Fibonacci retracement levels. The renewed demand pressure at strategic pullback support uplifted SUI prices by 22.5% to $1.24 over the last three days. Under the influence of the rounding bottom pattern, the coin price could rise another 21.5% to hit $1.5, followed by $1.7.

01:18:09 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Solana Price Prediction: Top Crypto Analyst Jonny Foresees a Potential Surge to $100

The crypto analyst Jonny recently made a noteworthy prediction regarding the trajectory of Solana’s value. He suggested that despite the current upswing, there’s a possibility of a surging to the $100 level soon. Previously, Solana exhibited strong liquidity below the $80 threshold. However, Jonny anticipates a potential rebound, eyeing a resurgence towards the $100 benchmark.

As of the latest updates, Solana price is trading at $86.47, showcasing a robust increase exceeding 7% in the past 24 hours. This upward movement underscores a growing bullish sentiment in the market. Solana holds the fifth position in market capitalization, which is an impressive $37 billion. The market’s dynamics hint at an intriguing phase for Solana, aligning with Jonny’s analysis of future price

03:38:36 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Thirdweb Partners XAI To Boost On-Chain Web3 Gaming

XAI, a Web3 gaming platform, recently announced plans to collaborate with Thirdweb, a full-stack Web3 platform, to create an on-chain game engine that propels Web3 gaming.

03:14:20 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Top 7 BLUR Holders Nab Colossal Profits

On-chain data hovering over the crypto horizon suggests that the top 7 BLUR token holders garnered an unrealized profit worth $55 million, sparking immense curiosity among crypto market fanatics globally. These wallets accumulated BLUR from Coinbase subsequent to the monthly unlocks since June 2023 and still hold 5.86% of the totalidade supply.

02:53:44 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: OKX Ventures Unveils Strategic Collaboration With Orbiter Finance

OKX Ventures, the investment arm of the Web3 company OKX, recently announced that it is strategically merging forces with Orbiter Finance, a decentralized cross-L2 protocol.

02:24:33 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: CryptoQuant CEO Unwraps Potential Factors Behind Bitcoin Price Dip

CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju recently ruled out potential causes that might have impacted Bitcoin’s price run over the past few days. In his statement, the CEO held derivative market selling accountable for BTC fall, not GBTC. Furthermore, he cracks down on OTC markets’ robust functioning, contrasting it with negligible price impacts within the market.

02:04:13 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Bitcoin Bull Cathie Wood Spotlights Bitcoin’s Dominance

Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, recently highlighted the rising market dominance of Bitcoin, pointing toward BTC mining in privado. She further illuminated the vast differences between the revenue generated by Bitcoin mining and some of the most prominent publicly traded companies across the globe.

01:40:58 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Top Crypto Analyst Anticipates Bitcoin Price Close Under $38,000 Could Trigger A Downturn

One of the top crypto analysts, Ali Martinez, recently spotlighted Bitcoin’s run on the weekly chart. As per Ali’s analysis, a close below the $38,00 mark could signal a downturn for the token.

01:19:04 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Bitcoin Mining Firm Core Scientific Readies For Nasdaq Return

Core Scientific, a renowned Bitcoin mining firm, recently blossomed again as it recovered from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. With this, the firm advances further for its return to Nasdaq, reducing debt by a staggering $400 million.

01:00:32 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Coinbase CLO Clamps Down On US SEC In Crowd Machine Lawsuit.

Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer, Paul Grewal, recently criticized a court ruling that favored the U.S. SEC in the Crowd Machine lawsuit.

12:36:31 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: SEC Could Gain Grounds In XRP Sales Discovery Requests

In a gust of developments witnessed around the U.S. SEC’s and Ripple’s ongoing tussle, the SEC appears to have gained the upper hand, arguing that its remedies-related discovery requests are procedurally proper. With this, the regulatory body now eyes penalties from Ripple in the XRP lawsuit.

12:12:00 PM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: HTX DAO Reveals Strategic Partnership

HTX DAO recently unveiled a monumental achievement for the organization, announcing three noteworthy partners in the project. Notably, the DAO is partnering with Starfield Capital, an investment firm jacking up Web3 projects, Justin Sun’s JUST Foundation, and JustLend DAO, a TRON-powered money market protocol, to facilitate its journey through the DeFi realm.

11:52:44 AM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Bitget Unveils ONDO Listing

Bitget, one of the most renowned crypto trading platforms, recently unveiled plans to list Ondo Finance’s native token, ONDO, on its network. This follows the Coinbase-backed firm’s recent plans to expand to the APAC region.

Meanwhile, the token is pegged to USDT, aiming for more robust and efficient trading across the platform.

11:33:43 AM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Senior ETF Analyst At Bloomberg Spotlights GBTC Outflows

Eric Balchunas, the senior ETF analyst at Bloomberg, recently highlighted GBTC’s outflows as it neared the $515 mark on Wednesday. He further claimed that these outflows were better than what the analyst initially expected, underlining a gradual improvement.

11:14:35 AM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: BitMEX CEO Eyes Bitcoin Under $35K For Strategic Buy

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes recently shared his POV on the Bitcoin market, asserting a potential decline of 30% in Bitcoin’s price post-ETF inception.

Meanwhile, he firmly believes that the token could find support within the $30,000 and $35,000 range, ruling out plans for his strategic buy if the situation occurs.

10:50:57 AM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Trader Loses Stablecoins To Phishing Scheme

As per insights offered by PeckShieldAlert, a trader with the address 0xf8EB…F807 fell victim to a phishing scheme that resulted in the loss of $1.3 million worth of stablecoins on Ethereum, BNBChain, and Arbitrum.

The trader lost 154.16K USDC on Ethereum, 300.34K USDT on Arbitrum, and 834.24K USDT on BNBChain.

10:32:31 AM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Celsius-linked wallet Transfers 18K ETH To Coinbase

A Celsius-linked wallet has again shifted 18K ETH, worth $40 million, to Coinbase on Wednesday, January 24.

Meanwhile, the wallet has already deposited a staggering $280,760 worth of ETH to Coinbase, FalconX, and OKX since November 13.

10:12:53 AM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: XRP Whale Offloads 29.5 Mln Tokens To Bitstamp

According to the blockchain tracking platform Whale Alert, an unknown whale address shifted 29.5 million XRP, worth $14.95 million, to Bitstamp, a Luxembourg City-based CEX. This appears to align with the price slump witnessed by the Ripple-backed token today, birthing additional speculations globally.

09:49:54 AM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Ark Invest COO States A Spot Ethereum ETF is Imminent

In a recent discussion with key finance-related individuals, when asked about the potential chances of an ETH ETF coming into play, Ark Invest COO Tom Staudt stated that traders and investors might see a spot Ethereum ETF anytime soon.

09:30:32 AM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: iShares Bitcoin Trust Attains Over 6K BTC From Coinbase Prime

BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin trust received 6,495 BTC, worth $254.7 million, from Coinbase Prime recently. With this, BlackRock now holds 39,925 BTC, worth $1.59 billion, nabbing traders’ attention globally.

09:21:32 AM IST, 24 January 2024

Crypto News LIVE: Whale Dumps USDT To Accumulate SAVM

As per on-chain metrics unveiled by Lookonchain, a whale sold 2.05 million USDT to buy 186,133 SAVM, pushing the SAVM price chart toward an upward momentum.

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