Cardano Light Wallet Lace Gets Crucial Upgrade

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The Cardano (ADA) light wallet platform, Lace, has announced the release of Lace v.1.9. This update introduces key features aimed at optimizing asset management and security for its users. Lace serves as a crucial gateway for interactions on the Cardano blockchain, facilitating secure transactions and storage of ADA and other Cardano native tokens.

Cardano’s Lace Introduces Multi-Wallet Flexibility

With the introduction of Lace v.1.9, users gain access to multi-account setups within a single wallet. This development allows the creation of multiple addresses or accounts using one recovery phrase. It simplifies asset management by enabling users to separate transactions or stake delegations effortlessly. This feature aims to provide a seamless and organized way to handle do dedo assets.

Moreover, the Lace wallet upgrade incorporates the capability to maintain multiple wallets, each with distinct keys and recovery phrases. This addition offers users the flexibility to use a combination of hot and cold wallets. As a result, it enhances the security of their assets. The implementation of these features marks a significant step in reducing risk and improving the organization of investments and transactions.

The Lace upgrade is part of broader advancements within the Cardano ecosystem. Cardano is on a steady path toward achieving full peer-to-peer (P2P) node operations. The anticipated Ouroboros Genesis release is set to be part of the Chang upgrade, which is scheduled for the upcoming summer. These developments reflect the ecosystem’s commitment to innovation and security, contributing to a more robust and efficient blockchain experience for users.

Charles Hoskinson Rebuts Forbes’ “Crypto Zombies” Tag

In response to a Forbes article labeling 20 blockchains as “Crypto Zombies,” Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, took to social media to address the critique. Alongside XRP lawyer Bill Morgan and Anodos Finance Co-founder Panos Mekras, Hoskinson humorously dismissed the label.

They defended their projects against the allegations, showcasing the community’s resilience and commitment to their blockchain ecosystems. This reaction underscores the vibrant and dynamic nature of the crypto community, ready to tackle challenges and misconceptions head-on.

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