Commentary: How to catch lying CEOs who fool even professional financial analysts

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The widespread use of AI to catch lies would have profound social implications – most notably, by making it more durable for the highly effective to lie with out consequence.

That may sound like an unambiguously good factor. However whereas the expertise provides plain benefits, akin to early detection of threats or fraud, it may additionally usher in a deadly transparency tradition.

In such a world, ideas and feelings may turn into topic to measurement and judgment, eroding the sanctuary of psychological privateness.

This research additionally raises moral questions on utilizing AI to measure psychological traits, notably the place privateness and consent are involved. In contrast to conventional deception analysis, which depends on human topics who consent to be studied, this AI mannequin operates covertly, detecting nuanced linguistic patterns with out a speaker’s data.

The implications are staggering. For example, on this research, we developed a second machine studying mannequin to gauge the extent of suspicion in a speaker’s tone. Think about a world the place social scientists can create instruments to evaluate any side of your psychology, making use of them with out your consent. Not too interesting, is it?

As we enter a brand new period of AI, superior psychometric instruments provide each promise and peril. These applied sciences may revolutionise enterprise by offering unprecedented insights into human psychology. They might additionally violate individuals’s rights and destabilise society in shocking and disturbing methods. The choices we make right now – about ethics, oversight and accountable use – will set the course for years to return.

Steven J Hyde is Assistant Professor of Administration at Boise State College. This commentary first appeared on The Dialog.

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