Crypto Game Token Airdrop List

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In this video, Secret Agent Stache, discusses upcoming crypto gaming token airdrops in 2024. Stache introduces the topic by highlighting the abundance of gaming airdrops in the crypto space and emphasizes their accessibility, ranging from low-cost to no-cost opportunities.

The video proceeds to cover nine specific gaming projects with upcoming airdrops.

Crypto Gaming Airdrop List

  • Xai, an ecosystem with a notable game called Final Form
  • Nifty Island, an island-building game with an open beta starting on January 17th
  • Overworld, a highly anticipated RPG-style game
  • Blood Loop, a hero shooter with a play-to-earn model
  • Farcana, a hero-style shooter with straightforward airdrop missions
  • Kokodi, a fantasy extraction shooter with a unique approach
  • Pixels, a social MMO on Ronin with an upcoming play-to-earn event
  • Kuroro Beasts, a classic-style monster tamer game with ongoing airdrop campaigns, and
  • Big Time, a game in its preseason launch with significant token rewards

Stache underscores the potential for players to participate in these airdrops and potentially earn rewards, providing insights into each project’s unique features and airdrop mechanisms. The video concludes with an invitation for viewers to share additional gaming projects for consideration in the comments section.

We all know Secret Agent Stache delivers the best news in web3 gaming, so make sure you subscribe to his channel!

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