Myro Price Prediction: MYRO Pumps 21%, But Are Investors Migrating To This New Crypto ICO As Time Runs Out Before Listing?

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The Myro price has surged 21% in the last 24 hours to trade at $0.215 as of 05:56 a.m. EST, with its trading volume climbing 20% to $61 million.

Myro Price Remains Bullish As Bulls Trade Within The Ascending Triangle

The Myro price is showing signs of a rebound from the lower boundary of the ascending triangle pattern at $0.16, signaling a continued bullish trend.

Myro price bulls are aiming for a fresh peak, with the price trading above both the 50-day and 200-day Simple Moving Averages (SMAs). This further confirms the existing bullish sentiment, establishing short-term support levels.

With the golden cross forming at $0.02, it further cements the overall bullish momentum.

The Relative Strength Índice (RSI) shows a rebound from the 30-oversold level to 60, suggesting potential buying pressure. If the bullish momentum sustains, the RSI will cross the overbought threshold of 70.

The Myro Price Bulls Aim For The $0.3 Mark

Myro Price Chart Analysis Source: Tradingview.comMyro Price Chart Analysis Source:
MYROUSD Chart Analysis Source:

Bullish investors are riding a sustained upward trend, trading within the ascending triangle pattern. There is great anticipation of movements above the upper boundaries of the ascending triangle.

A breach of the previous resistance level at $0.2597 could see the bulls rally the Myro price through new resistance levels, eyeing the $0.3 mark.

However, if the bullish momentum is not sustained, the bears may influence a price decline towards the support zone at $0.16, below the ascending triangle’s lower boundary.

As we wait to see which direction the Myro price will take, investors are jumping in to buy SpongeV2, eyeing the potential for a 100X return in 2024. 

Sponge V2 Exchange Listing Nears, Final Chance To Buy

Sponge V2 is gearing up for its highly anticipated exchange listing. If you missed the SpongeV1 100X in 2023, SpongeV2 presents you with the last window to acquire and stake the token, with the potential of repeating history with substantial gains.

SpongeV1 boasts a track record of achieving a market capitalization exceeding $100 million, attracting over 13,000 platform holders, and successfully securing listings on more than ten centralized exchanges, including platforms such as LBank, Toobit, and BitMart.

SpongeV2 aims to outperform its predecessor, Sponge V1, by attracting fresh investments and achieving a significant milestone, having already exceeded $6.3 million in staked and bridged tokens prior to its launch.

Sponge V2 stands out not only because of its improved staking systems but also for introducing Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming features, which broaden your avenues for earning through interactive gameplay.

The Sponge team is eagerly anticipating the release of its new P2E game called “Sponge Racer,” which is poised to draw in new investors and players. In this game, players will use Sponge V2 tokens for participation.

Justin Sun Holds $SPONGE

Tron founder Justin Sun acquired $SPONGE tokens valued at over $90,000 last year. This move aligns with his earlier statement on X, where he expressed his intention to invest in projects demonstrating potential. His acquisition of SPONGE tokens reflects his confidence in the project’s capacity for growth and scalability.

Stake $SPONGE Tokens, Receive $SPONGEV2 Tokens

The Sponge sequel introduces unique staking options like stake-to-earn and stake-to-bridge, which allow you to increase your holdings.

By holding $SPONGE tokens, you have the option to stake them, and upon the conclusion of the staking period, you will receive rewards in the form of $SPONGEV2 tokens. By staking your Sponge tokens now, you stand to earn an impressive annual percentage yield of 278%.

Conor Kenny, a popular YouTuber with over 178k subscribers, says that the project has the potential to emulate and even go beyond the success of Sponge V1, which surged exponentially in 2023.

To buy Sponge V2 tokens, visit the official SpongeV2 website and connect your do dedo wallet to swap your ETH or USDT for V2 tokens. You can also buy directly using your bank card. 

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