Neoxa’s Wild Ride Into The Crypto Gaming Future! By Benzinga

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© Reuters. Earning With Fun: Neoxa’s Wild Ride Into The Crypto Gaming Future!

Benzinga – Gaming gold rush – how Neoxa turns every gamer’s dream into dollars! Dive into the deep end with us as we explore how this crypto project is making waves.

The Gaming Scene: Meet Martos, the Gaming Wizard!
Martos is a gaming champ, clocking in endless hours, turning virtual worlds upside down with his mad skills. But let’s face it, the gaming world’s been a bit stingy, offering fun but no cash. While some hit the jackpot in Esports, for many like Martos, it’s like finding a unicorn. Enter Neoxa: the game-changer in rewarding players like Martos for their gaming genius.

The Game-Changer: Neoxa’s Crypto Magic Wand!
Neoxa is not just any gaming project; it’s the superhero in the crypto gaming world! They’ve got this killer PlaytoEarn model that’s like mixing your favorite video game with a treasure hunt. Imagine playing your go-to game and, boom, you’re stacking coins without spending a dime upfront. It’s like Neoxa turned on the money faucet while you’re having a blast! This isn’t just playtime; it’s payday!

Ready, Set, Neoxa!
Buckle up, gaming squad, let’s explore what Neoxa really is! Picture this: Neoxa is like that epic level-up in your favorite game. It started as a cool cousin of Raven Coin, with all these neat tricks like asset capabilities and a KawPow consensus mechanism that keeps the big, bad ASICs at bay. But wait, there’s more! Neoxa then morphed into something even cooler, mixing in some Dash magic with features like MasterNodes, instant send, stealth mode and private send.

Here’s the sweet part: while you’re blasting through games, Neoxa lets you rake in $NEOX coins like you’re grabbing power-ups. Gaming isn’t just fun now; it’s like hitting a jackpot! And it’s not just for gamers – developers, investors, miners, and even streamers get a piece of the pie.

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Quick cheat sheet:

  • Totalidade Coins: 21 Billion
  • Coins in Play: Over 4.3 Billion and counting.
  • Game Mechanics: 5000-block size, speedy 60-second block time, and a 4-year halvings just like Bitcoin.
  • The Loot Split: 45% to Miners, 45% to SmartNodes, 5% for development and 5% for gamers.

Don’t forget to check out the Neoxa Chain Stats!

Score Big with Neoxa SmartNodes!
Gear up, crypto adventurers! Neoxa’s bringing you the next big thing: SmartNodes. Imagine these as the power-ups in your game, but in real life. Borrowing some genius from Dash’s MasterNodes, these SmartNodes are the supercharged engines boosting Neoxa’s blockchain – making it faster, smarter, and rock-solid secure.

But wait, there’s a twist! These SmartNodes aren’t just about keeping the chain smooth. They’re your ticket to some awesome future perks – think hosting your own game servers or powering a whole new world of distributed streaming.

To join this escol club, you need 1,000,000 $NEOX (yeah, that’s the golden ticket!). Setting up your own SmartNode might sound like a boss-level challenge, but don’t worry, the Neoxa squad’s got your back with tons of guides and a community ready to help. Or take the express lane with node hosting wizards like,,, and They make it as easy as hitting the ‘start’ button on your console.

Once you’re in the game with your SmartNode, you’re not just playing – you’re earning. With a 45% share of the block rewards, it’s like unlocking a treasure chest of passive income.

Play to Earn and Stream to Earn
Play to Earn
Neoxa is turning your favorite games into a treasure hunt. We’re talking big titles like Rust, Dota2, GTA FiveM, and Fortnite. And guess what? They’re adding Counter-Strike 2 to the mix and even eyeing a move into mobile gaming. The mission? To bring the fun of earning right to your fingertips.

Here’s how you join the adventure: hop onto Neoxa’s GamingPortal at, link up your wallet, pick your battleground, and start earning $NEOX coins while you play. The best part? No coins needed to start! That’s right, Neoxa’s breaking the mold – no upfront investment, just pure gaming joy and rewards.

But there’s more than just gaming. For the miners and SmartNodes pros, there’s a gold mine waiting. And for you, the gamer, think of this as a ‘thank you’ for doing what you love. As for the investors and streamers out there, this is your chance to spread the word and grow the Neoxa family. Every game played, every stream watched, it’s all about bringing new faces into the exciting world of crypto through gaming.

Neoxa’s cooking up a secret recipe for fun and fairness. They’ve whipped up this cool algorithm-based point system that is always changing, always surprising. Think of it as a hidden treasure map where the X marks the spot keeps shifting. The twist? They’re not telling you what tasks or actions will get you those sweet rewards. Why? To keep you playing games the way they were meant to be played – no shortcuts, no cheats, just pure skill and fun.

This isn’t just about keeping things exciting; it’s a masterstroke for keeping the gameplay honest and the Neoxa universe thriving. Stakeholders, you can breathe easy. This strategy is all about making sure the fun lasts.

When Neoxa brings a giant like Fortnite into its world, they’re playing by the rules. They’re not just skimming through those End User License Agreements (EULA); they’re studying them like it’s finals week. And they don’t stop there. They reach out to game publishers, double-checking everything to stay in the clear.

Stream to Earn
StreamtoEarn uses a nifty algorithm, similar to the gaming one, but this time it’s all about streaming. Fire up your streams, get creative, and keep it original. The rules? Simple. Stay active, keep it real, and follow the guidelines. Fake stuff like restreaming or using AI? Big no-no. Neoxa is all about keeping it legit, making sure everyone is having a good time, and building a community that is all about positivity.

For now, Twitch is where the action is. But hold onto your hats, because Neoxa’s not stopping there. They’re eyeing up YouTube and even considering Kick. So, whether you’re a streaming veteran or just starting, Neoxa is giving you a stage to shine and earn some coin while you’re at it.

Neoxa GamingPortal: Your One-Stop Crypto Gaming Shop!
Link your gaming or streaming accounts to your Neoxa wallet, and bam! You’re set to earn $NEOX for your gaming prowess and streaming flair.

Imagine using your hard-earned $NEOX to snag those in-game items you’ve been eyeing. Each purchase you make is a hero move because it triggers a coin-burn, making $NEOX rarer and more valuable. So far, over 6 million Neoxa coins have vanished into thin air, thanks to this marketplace. Talk about playing smart!

And for the game creators out there, get this: the upcoming SDK lets you weave your own games into the Neoxa web. Create an asset, implement PlaytoEarn features, and watch your creation come alive in the Neoxa ecosystem. Every new layer 2 asset means more $NEOX going poof, boosting the currency’s value.

The Art of Coin Burning
$NEOX isn’t just about earning; it’s also about strategic burning. While games like Rust and GTA have direct marketplace integration, others like Dota2 and Fortnite play a different game with a passive burn. Here, a slice of the coins earned gets burned, tightening the supply and pumping up the tokenomics.

But the plot thickens with ads. Yes, ad money isn’t just lining pockets; it’s being used to buy back $NEOX, with a part going up in smoke and the rest fuelling marketing and rewards for gamers! It’s a clever cycle: ads support the ecosystem, which in turn grows the community, and the burning keeps $NEOX rare and valuable.

Neoxa’s Roadmap

  • Expanding StreamtoEarn Platforms.
  • Aggressive Marketing Push.
  • Listings on More Exchanges.
  • Launch of an Asset Exchange.
  • CS2 and Mobile Games Integration.
  • SDK Development for More Game Integrations.
  • SmartNode Development for Added Utility

See also the Neoxa Whitepaper.






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