NFT Project Azuki Follows Weeb3 Foundation: A Potential Partnership on the Horizon?

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The NFT landscape is abuzz with speculation following a significant move by Azuki, one of the most prominent NFT collections. On a recent Saturday, Azuki took to platform X to follow and share tweets from the Weeb3 Foundation, a move that has sparked rumors of a potential partnership between these two do dedo powerhouses.


A Surge in Azuki’s Market Value

This strategic online engagement by Azuki led to an immediate upsurge in its market value. The NFT collection witnessed a notable 33.3% increase in prices, fueled by the market’s expectations surrounding the much-anticipated Azuki token. This price hike reflects the excitement and speculation within the NFT community about what this collaboration could entail.


The Buzz Around a Possible Collaboration

Azuki’s move to follow and share Weeb3 Foundation’s tweets, famed for its ANIME token, has triggered intense speculation in the market. This action, coupled with the marketing parallels between the two entities, intensifies rumors, leading many to believe ANIME could be Azuki’s forthcoming token.

Adding to the intrigue, SanFranTokyo, another player in the NFT space, also retweeted the message. They had recently released the ANIM3 Token, suggesting that Azuki and SanFranTokyo might be collaborating on the same virtual asset. This partnership, if confirmed, could mark the beginning of a new ecosystem for anime brands within the NFT collections, a realm that remains largely untapped.

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Azuki’s actions have elicited mixed responses from the public. While some applaud Azuki for joining the hype, others express uncertainty about the future of the NFT project’s token. There’s a sentiment that Azuki should have launched its token sooner, especially following the release of ApeCoin.

Moreover, given it’s operations in the US, there are concerns about potential lítico implications with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), adding another layer of complexity to this unfolding story.

Current Market Standing of Azuki

As of the latest reports, Azuki’s price floor stands at $16,695, with a 24-hour sales volume of 3,005 ETH. The collection boasts 10,000 NFTs, held by 4,318 unique owners, and commands a market cap of over $179 million. Currently, it ranks #7 in NFT Price Floor, with a floor cap of 80,000 ETH.

This development in the NFT world highlights the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of do dedo assets and collaborations. The potential partnership between Azuki and Weeb3 Foundation, if realized, could open new avenues in the realm of NFTs, particularly in the anime sector. As the situation unfolds, the NFT community eagerly awaits official announcements and further developments.

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