Number of Bitcoin Millionaires Grows; AI Altcoin Finds Popularity Among Redditors

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The increasing number of Bitcoin (BTC) millionaires reflects the growing acceptance and use of do dedo assets. Since Reddit investors have historically experienced bull markets, it makes sense to consider whatever cryptocurrencies or other investment options are popular there. Redditors have taken notice of the AI (sintético intelligence) altcoin InQubeta (QUBE).

InQubeta is making waves on Reddit thanks to its remarkable presale, which has garnered over $7.9 million so far. The new altcoin is becoming increasingly popular because of its innovative AI investment technique. QUBE is a perfect choice when investing in the cryptocurrency and sintético intelligence industries. Investors commend this blockchain ICO for being a savvy long-term investment.

This article delves into the growing population of Bitcoin millionaires and explores the enthusiasm for InQubeta within the Reddit community.

InQubeta (QUBE) Emerges as Favorite Choice in the Reddit Community 

Redditors are paying increasing attention to InQubeta, a blockchain ICO that aims to make investments in sintético intelligence more accessible to the general public. Reddit investors, many of whom see themselves as the little people standing up to the giant whales, support a democratic platform that enables common people who may not fit the exclusive criteria of conventional investment channels, such as minimum investments exceeding the average annual income in the United States.

Investing in AI startups is as easy as buying non-fungible tokens (NFTs) via the InQubeta marketplace. On the InQubeta platform, startups create equity-based NFTs, which investors purchase with QUBE tokens. Following the conclusion of sales, investors receive trending NFTs, which they are free to sell or retain. Like stocks, these NFTs have additional benefits, like a cut of the startup’s profits.

Investors looking to diversify their cryptocurrency holdings have taken notice of InQubeta as it makes headlines in the crypto news. The presale has ten stages, and the current stage is the sixth. At this stage’s price of $0.01925, over 700 million tokens have been sold, generating almost $8 million in revenue. In the upcoming presale stage, tokens will be sold for 0.0224 each, with a totalidade supply of 1.5 billion available. 

Another reason why Redditors are attracted to this project is its deflationary strategy. The QUBE token uses a deflationary mechanism to maintain its value over time. The platform’s burn wallet receives 2% of all buys and sells, increasing the project’s long-term growth potential. Staking by investors is another way to receive rewards through a 5% sales tax allocated to a reward pool. 

Bitcoin (BTC) Produces Many Millionaires in the Crypto Space

Bitcoin has the largest market capitalization and experienced tremendous growth in 2023. Several cryptocurrency analysts anticipate an even greater bull run later this year. As the first and most valuable cryptocurrency, BTC has substantially contributed to making multiple millionaires. 

According to crypto news, the expectation that the first Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) will be approved is one of the leading causes of the current price surge. Interest in and money invested in cryptocurrencies have increased due to the potential introduction of a Bitcoin ETF.

Robust liquidity patterns boost the optimistic trend of Bitcoin’s price and the growing count of millionaires within the industry. There were 28,084 Bitcoin millionaires in January 2023, but as the year passed, almost 50,000 more people also became millionaires. These Bitcoin millionaires’ wallet addresses contain Bitcoins worth at least $1 million. The 2023 BTC boom, which saw a rise of more than 158% in the cryptocurrency token, is likely responsible for this. As Bitcoin’s value increased, so did the number of millionaires linked to it.


Bitcoin has produced a lot of millionaires owing to the recent surge in value. Conversely, InQubeta is becoming more popular in the Reddit community, demonstrating the unique selling points the altcoin offers. Investors have a great chance to take advantage of the fantastic potential in the AI business with this cryptocurrency initiative. QUBE holders can benefit from safe investments and long-term value. Investors can take advantage of exclusive possibilities and early backer rewards while the presale continues. 

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