Ripple CTO Wows XRP Community With Cryptic Tweet

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Ripple CTO David Schwartz recently posted a cryptic tweet that has left the XRP community wondering what it could mean.

The tweet posted on Jan. 7, 2024, has no words, caption, or explanation, leaving it open to interpretation.

Schwartz first posted a right angle with a downward zigzag arrow. Then, hours later, he posted the same mysterious symbol with a question mark in front.

The Ripple CTO, under this tweet, launched a poll with four options. Three of the options showed the right angle with a downward zigzag arrow in different forms. The remaining option included the right angle with a downward zigzag arrow with the words “Just show”; this had the highest votes (72.3%) from respondents.

At the time of writing, the Ripple CTO had yet to give any hints or meaning as to the mysterious symbol posted. In the meantime, members of the XRP community continue to speculate on what the tweet might signify.

Some speculated that the tweet was a foreshadowing of a major announcement or development involving Ripple or XRP.

Crypto influencer XRP Cryptowolf wonders if the tweet might be saying something about XRP. An X user thinks that Ripple’s CTO was trying to pass across a message using blissymbols, or semantography.

According to the X user, blissymbols or semantography, which is a constructed language, are composed of hundreds of different very basic characters that can be combined to make abstract meanings.

While he could not infer the precise meaning of Ripple CTO’s mystery tweet, he did say that in semantography, a zigzag symbolizes lightning and a right angle means an arm. In this light, he believes the enigmatic tweet released by the Ripple CTO may indicate a breakthrough.

The year 2023 was great for Ripple and XRP, which leads to expectations of a stellar 2024. While the interpretation of the Ripple CTO tweet remains, the XRP community however keeps their fingers crossed, expecting positivity in the year 2024. 

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