Ripple News : Is New ATH Approaching For XRP Price in 2024?

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On Wednesday, XRP experienced a decline of 6.68%, settling at $0.5828. This drop came amidst rumors about the SEC potentially rejecting BTC-spot ETFs. As Thursday unfolds, all eyes are on US regulatory updates, the SEC’s ongoing crypto case, and significant BTC-spot ETF decisions.

Despite the broader market downturn, analyst Crypto Wzrd identified a positive pattern on the XRP/BTC chart. Even with Bitcoin dropping to $40,000, Crypto Wzrd remains cautiously hopeful. He sees a potential bullish hammer formation on XRP’s daily chart, suggesting a possible upward trend. XRP Stands Strong Crypto Wzrd praised XRP for holding its ground against recent bearish trends, hinting at a possible positive turn. However, he also highlighted the importance of upcoming SEC announcements regarding ETFs, as they could impact XRP’s direction.

Potential Price Movements to Watch

There’s growing anticipation around XRP possibly rebounding from the $0.57 mark. If this happens and XRP breaks a key lower high trendline, it could push towards $0.7300. But, these projections largely depend on Bitcoin’s behavior and other market developments. In a positive scenario, XRP might target $0.7000, which is a 20% increase from its current price, by surpassing the upper wedge boundary. On the other hand, if selling pressure intensifies, XRP could drop to $0.5000. A breach below this might lead to a further decline towards $0.3562.

Experts Join In

CasiTrades’ analysis aligns with Crypto Wzrd’s observations, identifying strong support levels for XRP. Both experts urge caution due to current market volatility, emphasizing the importance of monitoring Bitcoin’s stability as a key indicator. Legítimo Hurdles Aren’t Out of the Way Yet!

John E. Deaton commented on the nature of asset volatility, noting that assets often don’t follow a straight path. He pointed out XRP’s sharper decline compared to Bitcoin, highlighting its sensitivity to negative crypto sentiment. Meanwhile, developments continue in the SEC-Ripple case, with a decision pending on Ripple’s potential financial obligations related to XRP sales.

Is a New ATH Approaching?

For XRP to reach its previous highs in 2024, it faces several challenges. A favorable outcome in the SEC lawsuit, expected in April 2024, is crucial. The market also needs positive momentum, possibly driven by BTC ETF approval and Bitcoin’s halving event. XRP’s success depends on clarity in Ripple’s lítico situation and its partnerships. Regulatory challenges have slowed XRP’s growth, but with clearer regulations, XRP could see significant growth, though navigating this path requires careful consideration of lítico and market factors.

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