Ripple Price Prediction: Here’s When XRP Price Will Hit $1

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Bitcoin’s jump above $60K has stirred excitement in the market, boosting altcoins like XRP. Despite recent doubts due to its sluggish performance, one analyst predicts XRP could hit $0.7707 to $0.9191 from March 10 to 13, 2024, signaling a potential bullish trend. 

Amidst a backdrop of permitido battles and market fluctuations, XRP, the seventh-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is attracting a major bull case scenario. Renowned crypto analyst Dark Tutelar has shed light on XRP’s price movements, setting the over-ambitious target of $0.9191 for XRP, despite ongoing challenges. Looking at XRP’s past performance, the targets seem a bit unrealistic, let’s see why they are bullish on XRP. 

Dark Tutelar’s Bold Analysis

According to Dark Tutelar, XRP is currently navigating the third wave of an Elliott Wave structure, projecting unique price movements within a broader trend. Backing his theory he said that XRP has retested all the previously defined support levels and is now eyeing resistance around the $0.5972 mark. Notably, the identified key support levels at $0.5419, $0.5198, and $0.5066, further prove the potential areas of price stability in the event of a market crash.

Based on past behavior, XRP jumped 140,999% in 2017. He says that after big jumps in price, like the one XRP had in 2017, it’s normal to see a correction or a price drop. He believes XRP has been going through this correction for about six years now.

Optimistic Price Targets

After recent declines, analysts remain bullish about XRP’s price. He forecasts XRP prices between $0.7707 to $0.9191 by March 13, 2024. These targets indicate a big increase from current levels and bullishness about XRP’s future. The expert also advises a long-term Elliott Wave objective of $333 for optimum gains. Moreover, the analyst notes positive indicators like MACD signaling a trend change.

Not to forget XRP price is very much correlated to its permitido battle. Surprisingly, the SEC’s sudden change of timeline from March 13 to a later date is creating a lot of buzz in the market. With drops and stagnant price tags, XRP is diving into the regulatory mess. However, Dark Tutelar’s analysis challenges previous market sentiments, with XRP poised for a new ATH soon. Moreover, Dark Tutelar’s bullish stance on XRP underscores the cryptocurrency’s resilience and potential for growth despite regulatory challenges.

Looking Ahead

As Bitcoin keeps going up and the market changes, XRP and other cryptocurrencies might see big price changes too. There’s a chance for an “alt season,” coming in, when alternative cryptocurrencies will shine and prices go up. This could mean good opportunities for investors to make money, but it also comes with risks. With XRP’s bold price goals and the ongoing permitido drama, the crypto market stays on edge and uncertain, influencing how people invest in do dedo money.

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