Ripple’s 100 Million XRP Transfer Sparks Big Green Candle for XRP Price

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Ripple’s 100 million XRP transfer triggers 5% surge in price, sparking curiosity about motives behind this significant move

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In a surprising turn of events, WhaleAlert detected a significant transfer of 100 million XRP, worth a whopping $56.35 million, executed by Ripple to an undisclosed destination.

The mysterious recipient, unaffiliated with Ripple according to Bithomp and XRP Scan explorers, has been a recurrent beneficiary of Ripple’s transactions, amassing over 112 million XRP since its activation on Oct. 2 of the previous year.

Shortly after this colossal transfer, the XRP market experienced a dramatic surge, with the price chart showcasing a remarkable 5% upswing. At its zenith, XRP reached an impressive $0.582, marking a recent high. However, this bullish momentum was ephemeral, as the price swiftly retracted to presurge levels within a few hours.

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The esfinge surrounding the recipient’s identity adds an air of intrigue to this unprecedented move by Ripple. While it remains uncertain whether the unknown address has any ties to the company or its associates, speculation suggests potential affiliations with a partner or user of Ripple Payments.

Don’t forget that Ripple holds a substantial reserve of 46.5 billion XRP in its accounts, and maintaining the stability of XRP’s exchange rate is emphasized as one of the company’s main missions.

This substantial transfer and its immediate impact on the XRP price raise questions about the strategic motives behind Ripple’s move. Investors and enthusiasts of the popular cryptocurrency are left speculating about the nature of the recipient and the implications for XRP’s future trajectory.

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