Solana Falls Behind Polygon in Terms of NFT Trading Volume

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Polygon has doubled NFT volume of Solana over last 24 hours

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The blockchain platform Solana has experienced a dip in NFT sales, trailing behind its competitor, Polygon.

According to the latest data, Solana’s NFT trading volume has decreased by 17.17%, totaling $4.5 million in sales. This downturn contrasts starkly with Polygon’s notable increase in trading activity, which has seen an 84.94% surge, reaching $9 million in sales.

Bitcoin and Ethereum in lead

The NFT marketplace is witnessing dynamic shifts, with Ethereum maintaining its top position, boasting $13.4 million in sales, marking a 29.65% increase.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin, often less associated with NFT transactions, has held steady with $13,016,115 in sales despite an 18.52% decline.

The 30-day volume data for NFTs reveal Bitcoin’s dominance with sales reaching nearly $872.7 million, and Ethereum’s active market at over $709.7 million, despite a high wash trading volume. Solana and Polygon also show significant activity, with totalidade sales of approximately $334 million and $99.4 million, respectively.

Solana’s big month

Despite the current dip, it is important to acknowledge Solana’s significant achievements in the recent past.

In December 2023, Solana unexpectedly topped Ethereum’s monthly NFT sales volume, according to CryptoSlam, with approximately $366.5 million worth of Solana NFTs sold compared to Ethereum’s $353.2 million.

This was a surprising twist given Ethereum’s longstanding dominance in the space. The surge in sales for Solana was attributed to a combination of factors, including a substantial increase in unique buyers and sellers.

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