The top crypto platforms and apps in Canada 2023

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2CoinSmart, Android16Yes• FINTRAC and OSC registered
• Publicly traded (ticker symbol NEO:SMRT)
• Merging with Coinsquare and WonderFi in 2023
• Instant account verification
• Same-day deposits
• Advanced trading tools
• Reporting tools for tax purposes
• Welcome offer: Get $20 of BTC when
you sign up with code crypto20 and
fund your account with $100 or more
(click “CoinSmart” at left)
• $15 referral bonus for you and a friend
if they open an account and make a deposit• CAD deposits: Interac 1.5% on
$100–$1,999, 0% on $2,000+; wire
transfers: 0%; credit/debit cards: starts at
• Withdrawal methods: CAD withdrawals:
Interac: 1%; EFT: 1%, min. $15; wire transfer: 1%,
min. $15; crypto withdrawals: varies
by coin
• Trading: 0.20% single trade, 0.30%
double trade• Two-factor authentication
• Most of its crypto is kept in cold
storage• Interac deposits: min. $100, max. $10,000
• Wire transfer deposits: min. $10,000, max.
• Credit/debit card deposits: min. USD$50, max.
• EFT withdrawals: min. $50, max. $15,000
• Wire transfer withdrawals: min. $15,000, max.
$5,000,000• 24/7-ish support by live chat and AI chatbot
• GetSmart Hub with articles, guides, blog
• FAQs3Bitbuy, Android25Yes• First Canadian registered marketplace
for crypto assets; orders are matched on
Bitbuy rather than sent to third-party dealers
• FINTRAC, CSA and OSC registered
• Instant account verification
• Bitbuy Pro subscription offers advanced
tools (limit orders, live order book, trading
pairs and more)
• Bitbuy Private Wealth concierge service
for large trades (minimum varies by coin)• Trading: 0% to 1.5% to buy and sell
• CAD deposits: Interac 1.5%, wire
transfer 0%
• CAD withdrawals: Interac 1.5%, wire
transfer 1.5%
• Crypto deposits: 0%
• Crypto withdrawals: fee varies by coin
• Bitbuy Pro trade fees: 0% to 1.5%• Around 90% of crypto stored in cold wallets
• Servers secured across multiple cloud
• Two-factor authentication
• Third-party financial, security and
transaction reporting audits
• Privately maintained codebase
• Comprehensive insurance from BitGo• Interac deposits and withdrawals: min.
$50, max. $10,000/24 hr
• Wire transfer deposits and withdrawals:
min. $10,000, max. unlimited
• Crypto deposits: no min. or max.
• Crypto withdrawals: min. amount varies
by coin, max. unlimited• Online question form
• Blog, tax guide, FAQ page4BitvoiOS, Android11Yes• FINTRAC and ASC registered
• Fast account registration
• Same-day processing for deposits
and withdrawals
• Buy and sell prices include a spread
• Advanced trading tools and OTC desk
for large orders
• Bitvo Cash Card provides access to
cash in your account; $2,500 limit; works
at ATMs that accept Visa or Plus• CAD deposits: 0%
• Crypto deposits: 0%
• 1% fee for withdrawals, min. $15
• Trading: 0%
• Applies a spread; estimated spreads
are viewable with the Advanced Trading
view• Two-factor authentication
• 95%–100% of customer funds kept
in cold storage
• Potential new coins are screened by
a third-party security service
• Additional measures for financial and
online security and internal controls• Interac, wire transfer, crypto, Canada
Post Load (deposit only), EFT (withdrawal
only), Bitvo Cash Card
• Interac deposits: unlimited
• Interac withdrawals: max. $10,000 per day
• Wire transfer deposits: min. $10,000
• Wire transfer withdrawals: min. $10,000
• Canada Post Load deposits: limit of $500
per transaction and $3,500 per week
• EFT withdrawals: max. $10,000 per day,
$50,000 per week
• Crypto deposits: unlimited
• Crypto withdrawals: unlimited
• Bitvo Cash Card withdrawals: max. $500
per day, $3,500 per week• 24/7 support by email, phone, live
• Educational content
• FAQs
• Newsletter5NDAX, Android34Yes• FINTRAC and Revenue Québec registered
• Trading activity reports
• Deposits and withdrawals processed
within 1 business day
• Price notifications
• Ability to set up recurring buys
• Advanced trading tools
• Offers crypto staking (five coins)
• Send, request or give funds to other
NDAX users with no cost or wait times
• $10 referral bonus if a friend registers
an account• CAD deposits: 0%
• CAD withdrawals: $4.99
• Crypto deposits: 0%
• Crypto withdrawals: flat rate, varies
by cryptocurrency
• Trading: 0.2%
• Staking: 20% of rewards• Two-factor authentication
• Uses multiple data servers that are
isolated and monitored 24/7
• Majority of assets held in cold storage
protected by multi-signature technology
• Users’ fiat currency held separately
from operating capital• Interac, wire transfer, bank draft:
no min. or max.
• Withdrawals by bank or wire transfer:
no min. or max.• Phone and live chat 10 a.m. to midnight EST, Monday to Friday
• Option to submit questions by email
• Blog, educational content7NetcoinsiOS, Android36Yes• Canada’s first publicly owned crypto
trading platform (CSE:BIGG) that is fully
• FINTRAC, CSA and BCSC registered
• Fast account verification
• Start investing with as little as $10
• Price notifications
• Advanced trading tools
• $50 referral bonus for you and a friend
when they open an account and trade $100
• Optional Netcoins Pay card earns rewards
in bitcoin (3% for first 3 months, 1% after that)• CAD deposits: 0%
• CAD/USD withdrawals: 0%
• Crypto deposits: 0%
• Crypto withdrawals: Flat fee that
varies by coin
• Trading: 0.5%• Two-factor authentication
• Blockchain analytic and forensic tools BitRank & QLUE• Deposits by Interac, bank wire and crypto
• Interac deposits: min. $10 (CAD only)
• Bank wire deposits: min. $500 CAD or USD
• Crypto withdrawals: min. varies by coin;
flat fee to cover network fees• Daily live support by email, phone, live chat (hours vary by day)
• Crypto Academy and blog
• Newsletter8NewtoniOS, Android70+Yes• FINTRAC registered
• Instant account verification
• Start trading with a minimum of $50
• Offers limit orders (up to 20 open at a time)
• $25 referral bonus when friends open an
account and buy or sell $100• Deposits: 0%
• Withdrawals: 0%
• Trading fees: 0%
• Charges a spread per side (difference between midpoint and bid/ask price)
• Covers the first $5 in network
fees for crypto withdrawals• Two-factor authentication
• Institutional-grade storage
• Third-party custody
• Daily off-site backups
• Customer data stored in Canada• Interac, wire transfers, pre-authorized
debit, crypto wallets
• Interac deposits: max. $10,000 per
transaction, $70,000 per week
• Wire transfer deposits: max. $1,000,000
• Interac withdrawals: max. $10,000 per
transaction, $50,000 per week
• EFT withdrawals: max. $50,000 per
transaction or daily
• Wire transfer withdrawals: max. $1,000,000• Support by live chat
• Online question form
• Knowledge hub, blog, FAQs, articles,
subreddit30VirgoCXiOS, AndroidYes• FINTRAC and CSA registered
• Instant account funding with Interac e-Transfer
• Large selection includes metaverse, NFT & Web3 coins
• Buy and sell with Canadian or U.S. dollars
• Free cash deposits and withdrawals
• Advanced tools (price alerts, recurring buys, stop-limit orders, grid trading)
• Reward tiers for frequent traders
• $20 referral bonus• CAD deposits: 0% for Interac, wire transfer, bill payment, 3.99% for credit card, 2.99% for debit card
• CAD withdrawals: 0%
• USD deposits: 0% (min. $500)
• USD withdrawals: wire transfer 0%
• Crypto deposits: varies by coin
• Crypto withdrawals: fees vary by coin
• Trading spreads: vary from 0.5% to 2.5%• Two-factor authentication
• Most crypto stored offline with custodian Coinbase Custody
• Third-party audits, e.g., proof-of-reserve audit• CAD deposits: Interac, min. $10, max. $10,000 per day; wire deposits: min. $3,000, max. unlimited; bill payment: min. $10, max. $15,000 per day, $25,000 per 7 days, $50,000 per 30 days; credit card deposits: min. $10, max. $3,000 per transaction, $5,000 per day, $10,000 per 7 days; debit card deposits: min. $10, max. $3,000 per transaction, $5,000 per day, $10,000 per 7 days.
• USD deposit: wire transfer, min. $500, max. unlimited
• Crypto deposits: no min. or max.
• CAD withdrawals: Interac, min. $10, max. $10,000 per day; bank wire: min. $3,000, max. unlimited
• USD withdrawals: wire transfer, min. $500, max. unlimited
• Crypto withdrawals: min. varies by coin• 24/7 live chat
• Can submit questions by email
• Educational articles31Wealthsimple Crypto, Android56Yes• FINTRAC and OSC registered
• Canada’s first regulated crypto platform
• Subscriber levels include “Basic” (free) and
“Plus” ($10/month) with added features
• Advanced tools include limit buy and
limit sell orders
• App allows trading of crypto, stocks
and ETFs
• Does not support transfers, deposits
or withdrawals for every coin
• Daily withdrawal limit of $10,000 and
weekly withdrawal limit of $25,000 across
all coins; minimum withdrawal varies by coin
• Offers staking (SOL and ETH only)
• Wealthsimple Spend accounts offer 1%
back in crypto, stocks or cash• CAD deposits: bank transfer, 0%;
wire transfer: 0%
• CAD withdrawals: bank transfer, 0%;
wire transfer: 0%
• Crypto deposits: 0%
• Crypto withdrawals: 0%
• Charges a spread of 1.5%–2% per
transaction• Two-factor authentication and data
• Custodial coverage by Gemini Trust
Company, which has $200 million in
cold storage insurance
• Partnered with Coincover, a tech firm
that protects against crypto theft, fraud
and loss• Interac, bank transfer (EFT), wire transfer or
• Start investing with as little as $1• Phone and live chat 10 a.m. to midnight EST, Monday to Friday
• Option to submit questions by email
• Blog, educational content

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