Top 3 Crypto To Invest Right Now. 100x ICO Presales!

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Which Coins Are Sure to Get Your Interest Pumping

There is such a thing as a ‘prospect’ when it comes to any kind of asset, and the cryptocurrency industry is still making headway in this regard regarding all kinds of upcoming crypto ICO events. Since ICOs allow new entrants to take advantage of all kinds of discounts and bundles, they are the events to look forward to if you want to stock up heavily. Let us explore the Top-3 promising crypto assets of 2023 and discover why you should consider them as investments in the long term and as utilities with hodierno applications in the online space.

1) ScapesMania
2) Dogecoin
3) XRP

Best Crypto to Buy Right Now with High Potential

1. ScapesMania ($MANIA) Early Stage ICO Presale

ScapesMania is an ongoing crypto ICO event, which is set to be launched by the Binance Grant Winners 2023. The project itself is a very ambitious project that promises to create an entire DAO-based gaming ecosystem with deep roots set to be integrated into the rapidly expanding $300 billion worth gaming industry.

ScapesMania is the flagship title of a whole ecosystem of various games spanning many genres and gameplay styles. What makes ScapesMania so attractive as an ICO is the credibility backing the project, which has been successfully audited and is in the process of KYC passage. At present, ScapesMania has sold out its whitelist stage and is running the ICO. The team is supported by an all-star cast of public advisors who are all available on the project’s website. Best of all, the native $MANIA token is included on such top-tier platforms as CoinMarketcap, CoinGecko, with listings planned on PancakeSwap, MEXC, and others.

The presale stage offers $MANIA with an 80% discount at just 0.002 USDT per unit, while final listing prices are to be set at around $0.01 per token (x5 from the initial presale price). The price will be increased to $0.003 in the upcoming ICO stages, followed by a fivefold increase by the time the token will be listed. This, the 25% bonus ScapesMania offers on purchases at the given stage, and the fact that the project is on the highway to growth mean that holders looking for their Xs should eye ScapesMania first and foremost. Add the mix of great features like the buyback, burn and staking options, and you get a sound tokenomic model – the foundation of a trustworthy project.

How To Buy $MANIA?

Step 1 – Make sure you have MetaMask wallet installed on your browser or use a crypto wallet supported by WalletConnect.

We recommend purchasing from a desktop for the smoothest buying experience. 


Step 2 – Click the “Buy token” button on the main page.

Step 3 – Once you have connected your wallet, pick the currency you want to use (BNB, ETH or USDT depending on your blockchain network) and the number of tokens you want to buy.

Step 4 – Choose your vesting bonus; the bonus amount will depend on how long you will hold your tokens (you can get up to 42% vesting bonus).

Step 5 – Next, click “Confirm” and approve the transaction in your wallet. 

Step 6 – Done! You have successfully purchased $MANIA tokens! You can see the totalidade number of your $MANIA tokens on your profile page.

2. Dogecoin

No list of promising coins will be complete without Elon Musk’s favourite, Dogecoin, which has become considerably more valuable since its initial launch as just another memecoin washed up in the midst of a general crypto craze.

Everyone who remembers the rise of Dogecoin to the top ten crypto ranking in 2021, when the market cap had soared to over $50 billion, should know that the asset is being used extensively for all kinds of transactions in the crypto space. Miners are churning out around 10,000 coins a minute, with around 130 billion DOGE coins circulating. That starkly contrasts the meager 19 million BTC out there and the tricks of about 12 BTC per ten minutes.

Just look at the immense trading potential of DOGE as a tool for scalpers and arbitrageurs, and you get the idea of why holding it in 2023 and beyond is a good investment decision.

If we consider the cyclical nature of markets, the 7,000% price increase of DOGE in 2021 may not seem like a phenomenon with a chance of a repeat. Remember FOMO the next time you see DOGE trading on an exchange, and think about stocking up.

3. XRP

Where there’s crypto, there’s Ripple and its XRP token – a mainstay of the top 10 crypto rankings. The asset was initially designed as an instrument for supplementing the financial industry’s needs as a carrier of value in an anonymous fashion. But since then, the 2020 debacle with the SEC has shed new light on the potential and prospects of using XRP.

The split ruling of that court hearing resulted in a rally for XRP in July 2020, spiking demand and prices by up to 75%. Considering that XRP was originally designed to replace the highly- controlled SWIFT financial system and that the latter has been under immense pressure for its subjugation to state demands, we can start seeing how XRP could be taking up a share of financial transactions soon enough.

Though XRP’s Ripple blockchain network is seen by many to be too centralized, that can be looked at from a different angle of legalization – a factor that will play a major role in shaping the capitalization of the crypto space in 2023 and beyond.

Key Takeaways

The crypto industry is not about to give up and will be growing in the near future. Selecting the right assets to invest in before that happens is the main factor determining how many Xs you’ll be making. And if memecoins like DogeCoin or potential future financial value carriers like XRP are not your cup of tea, then maybe $MANIA token could be your fit – after all, it stands for fun and gaming.

Join the $MANIA Hot Presale

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