Top 4 Altcoin Picks With 10x-100x Gains for the 2024 Crypto Bull

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With Altseason 2024 on the horizon, renowned trader Mikybull Crypto has just unveiled a secret weapon: a list of altcoin projects poised for explosive growth, potentially multiplying your investment by 10x to a staggering 100x.

Are you curious to discover these hidden gems and unlock massive gains? Dive deeper to find out the altcoins Mikybull recommends.

Altcoins to Watch

AI (SleeplessAI_Lab)

This altcoin has recently broken out of a triangular pattern and is currently consolidating, suggesting a possible upward trajectory in the near future.

ENQAI (enq_AI)

Positioned at a solid support level, ENQAI appears to be in a favorable position for growth.

LRC (loopringorg)

Sporting a rare Adam&Eve pattern, LRC is poised for a breakout above this pattern, potentially leading to price discovery. Mikybull suggests targets for LRC between $0.68 and $2.

ANKR (ankr)

Showing signs of readiness to surpass its one-year resistance level, ANKR is primed for a significant upward move. He linked the surge with the recent release of Neura_io that could further fuel its growth potential.

Sectors to Watch

Mikybull Crypto wraps up the analysis by pointing out key sectors poised for explosive growth in the upcoming altcoin season. Mikybull emphasizes the importance of strategic positioning during this bullish cycle, as Altseason 2024 is expected to transition into a maniac phase post-halving, triggering explosive movements across various altcoins. 

During this period, he highlighted several sectors expected to boom in the current bull cycle, including AI, Real World Assets (RWA), BRC20, Gaming, Memes, Modular, and Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions.

With Mikybull Crypto’s foresight, investors and enthusiasts brace themselves for an exhilarating and potentially lucrative altcoin season in 2024. The crypto sphere awaits, with promises of innovation, growth, and exciting possibilities.

Mikybull has spoken, but the crypto world is vast. Are there any other altcoins you’re keeping an eye on?

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