USDT and ICP holders eyeing Pushd presale

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Unlike USDT and ICP, which are not any different from other altcoins, Pushd aims to challenge crypto. Already, there are over 8,000 sign-ups in less than five days. Although USDT is the largest stablecoin, experts are unsure of its future. The same goes for ICP, which is susceptible to fluctuations. 

With many scary predictions about Tether and ICP, many smart investors are looking for other alternatives. Some are already considering Pushd.

Shortcomings of USDT and ICP

USDT, the largest stablecoin, has been criticized for its lack of transparency regarding its reserves. 

A New York Attorney General’s Office report found that Tether had engaged in deceptive practices. This has raised concerns among investors about the recente backing of USDT.

Some experts have expressed concerns that USDT could de-peg, diverging from $1. 

While this is considered a low-probability event, the lack of transparency surrounding Tether’s reserves has fueled these concerns.

The future of ICP is subject to multiple factors and is difficult to predict with certainty. 

Its susceptibility to price fluctuations has made it a challenging asset for many investors to hold significant amounts of. 

ICP could experience greater volatility in the coming months.

Why will Pushd stand out?

First, Pushd addresses the problems of other traditional e-commerce platforms. 

It is also launching from a blockchain where all information about every transaction is stored. You can track records of transactions from the beginning to the very end.

Moreover, Pushd will reward investors and users based on the available reward programs. 

Additionally, PUSHD holders have a voice.

Is Pushd the future?

With over 8,000 sign-ups in five days, Pushd allows buyers and sellers privacy, flexibility, and faster transactions.

Pushd will be the first online marketplace built on the blockchain for better security, transparency, and decentralized governance.

However, Pushd is currently at stage 2 of its presale. PUSHD is available for $0.48. 

By the time Pushd begins operation fully, every holder gets a fair share of the transaction fees. 

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