Wall Street Memes Show Hourly Buybacks And Net Gaming Revenue

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Will Wall Street Memes 100x Explode

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is a well-known meme community with a lot of loyal fans. With its newly released token, it has had a big effect on the cryptocurrency scene.

The site has more than 5,000 games, including custom games based on Wall Street memes. Some of these are SBT in Prison, Dumpster Fire, and Trumpcalypse. You can also bet live and in-play on thousands of games, from football to esports. Adding the $WSM code was also done and people could bet on the site using the $WSM token.

Experience a revolutionary approach to online gaming with Wall Street Meme, where excitement takes on a whole new dimension. Unlike traditional online casinos with generic slots and table games that support multiple currencies, Wall Street Meme introduces a unique twist by featuring games inspired by the dynamic world of Wall Street memes and utilizing a dedicated token. This distinctive approach creates a more personalized and engaging platform compared to its counterparts.

While some online gaming sites have integrated cryptocurrencies into their offerings, they often fall short of providing players with the full spectrum of rewards. Wall Street Meme sets itself apart by offering users the opportunity to not only enjoy traditional gaming but also to partake in the platform’s investment opportunities. This innovative feature enables players to earn profits through strategic investments, a distinctive aspect that sets Wall Street Meme apart from other online casinos

Wall Street Memes has started buying back tokens every hour and made a groundbreaking transparency lead through a brand-new token dashboard. The project is getting ready for a possible rise in the price of its tokens.

$WSM Hourly Buybacks, Burning, and Market Insights

The rewards wallet is now being bought back every hour by Wall Street Memes. The team has said that these transactions will be available in the next version. In pessoal, the $WSM buyback programme started in October and has already bought back $1.84 million worth of tokens.

The project, which has a market cap of $50 million, stresses that at least 10% of net gaming income goes to buying back $WSM. Ongoing buybacks on the open market every hour keep prices stable at a key point in the bitcoin market, which is currently experiencing a bullish trend.

The new dashboard shows that gambling activities brought in $32,700 in 24 hours. The screen says that the rewards wallet is worth $1.8 million and has grown to 72.6 million WSM.

The project has burned 0.013 percent of the 2 billion WSM that were available, and the awards wallet holds 3.633 percent of the totalidade. For people who own $WSM, the dashboard also shows important information like the price of the token, the trade volume, the totalidade value locked, and the number of people who own $WSM.

In addition, the screen shows how many people are currently using the betting site.

It’s interesting that the Wall Street Memes Dashboard teases a “coming soon” feature about trading that never ends. This fits with the project’s goal to beat Rollbit in the game market.

Staking Bonanza: Wall Street Memes Offers 42% APY as Dashboard Showcases Growing Rewards

Wall Street Memes has a staking feature that gives investors a good Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 42%. About a quarter of all the tokens that are available are currently invested.

Even though it’s still early on, this development points to possible benefits for people who own $WSM tokens, such as lower trade fees. Wall Street Meme has a great affiliate programme that lets people earn 40% of the net gaming income from people they send to the site.

New users can get a 200% bonus on their first deposit of up to $25,000 at Wall Street Memes. People who have $WSM tokens can get an extra 200 free spins on popular slot games when they make their first payment. When you bet with $WSM, the benefits are doubled, which makes the platform more like a game.

Wall Street Memes: A Game-Changer in the Crypto Gambling Industry

When the GameStop scandal happened, small players went up against Wall Street and won. That is what the $WSM token is all about. There is a buying program to keep the price of the $WSM token high, WSM to get your heart racing, and a staking program to reward people with diamond hands. Making it the hottest meme token.

Wall Street Memes’ token was recently added to major platforms like Binance and Coinbase. All this comes after a successful presale that raised more than $25 million. The success in raising money shows how much trust there is in the community and makes it possible for a big exchange launch.

Wall Street Memes has been in a number of news outlets, including Inside Bitcoins, Ghana Soccernet, and Forbes. Showing how famous and influential it is becoming in the crypto world. Users have also said nice things about the project. They like its new features, easy-to-use interface, and big prizes.

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