What is CryptoCars (CCAR) token, game, NFT, possible scam?

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CCAR or Cryptocars is an NFT car racing game in which users can earn CCar coins by completing races and winning them. Players of this game can participate with other players or with the current champion of the game. The reward for winning the race is experience points, materials to upgrade the car, XP to level up the player, and the Ccar Token, which you can use to trade and buy in-game items. CryptoCars was yet another money-making game that has caught the attention of video game lovers. However, the project turned out to be a scam.

In this article, we will discuss:

What is CryptoCars (CCAR)?

CryptoCars is a car-themed to-play game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) inspired by Pixar’s 2006 animated film Cars. CryptoCars targets male gamers as its main gaming audience. The play-to-win game offers a selection of various racing modes, such as a virtual racing simulator, player-versus-computer racing, player-versus-player racing, and the ability to upgrade and trade cars in the in-game marketplace.

By participating in these various game modes, players can earn experience points and CCAR, the in-game currency of CryptoCars. Also, players with a lot of capital can buy a car repair shop, which represents a virtual real estate in the form of an NFTe allows them to earn CCAR through repair shop services such as refueling and stake.

How does CryptoCars (CCAR) work?

CryptoCars is the first major racing-based racing game and aims to stand out through its various game modes. In Virtual Racing, players can enter a captcha to compete in a racing simulator with random cars. The better a player’s position in the randomly generated race result, the more experience points he earns. Players can skip the 30 second wait time for the result by paying 1 CCAR. Each race requires 15 fuel to participate. In pvc racing, players compete against computer opponents and can earn a maximum of 10 CCAR when winning a race. Similar to Virtual Racing, each turn costs 15 fuel. Finally, in PvP Racing, which has yet to be released, players will be able to challenge other users in 2, 5 or 10 player races.

To compete, players have to buy a mystery box for 600 CCAR and 20 CCAR to register a plate and five days of restock. Each car is a unique BEP-721 NFT and players have the chance to buy a car with the highest rarity. In addition, they can merge two common or classic cars to generate a legendary car that allows them to participate in more races per day and can be used in the sister game CryptoPlanes for battles against planes.

Finally, CryptoCars offers the option to buy a car repair shop where players can bet cars, rent cars, refuel them and change the color of the car. Auto repair shops are used as a form of fundraising as they are quite expensive. For example, the Bangkok Workshop was auctioned for 591.000 CCAR. In totalidade, there are 20 car repair shops in the game, and the shop owners receive a share of the wagering rewards and business revenue from car-related services.

The CryptoCars game

The game has two important elements that users can engage with – the cars and the official utility token, the CCAR token. The CCAR token is a BEP-20 token compatible with the Binance Smart Chain network and serves as the currency that allows the game to earn, transact, invest and purchase in-game items. Accessing the game takes you to a webpage with various buttons that direct you to different activities.

As a beginner, only a few of these buttons are primary at the moment; while the rest is less important and will be used in the long run. To play, click on the ‘Cars’ button located at the top of the game page. This should take you to a page that allows players to choose their desired car models and also select their virtual race types. In it, you are free to choose the free option or the fastest option that consumes a CCAR for each car you use.

After selection, the game is configured and loads after a few seconds for a racing simulation. Consistent racing gives your car experiences that translate into more materials and CCAR tokens – regular cars receive 20-30 CCAR tokens per day. Provided materials allow you to upgrade your car’s features, which in turn increases your speed, drift and fuel consumption, allowing you to have better driving stats to win more races and earn more materials and CCAR tokens.

NFTs in CryptoCars

CryptoCars has its NFTs in the game: power, speed, drift and fuel. Fuel (Fuel) is one of the most important NFTs as after every race players need fuel to compete and they will spend some fuel after the race. So more fuel means players can race more times in a day. NFT fuel is refilled every 24 hours and allows players to re-compete and earn rewards. In turn, workshop owners can do it more often.

Each car in Crypto Cars is an NFT with varying degrees of rarity that are arranged in ascending order: “classic”, “common”, “super” and “rare”. They are the biggest asset in the entire game and can be enhanced with the various materials players receive as a reward for playing.

“Classic” and “ordinary” cars have 60 fuel, which allows players to participate in four races. The super has 75 fuel and the rare 90, allowing players to have 5 and 6 games respectively. The market sells materials that help players improve their cars; these materials come in boxes and can cost from 10 CCAR tokens and up. Also, the latest fusion novelty allows players to merge cars. Currently, you can merge two “ordinary” cars to get a “legendary” car. The legendary car has more fuel and better stats and will be able to compete with CryptoPlanes planes when this game mode is implemented.

CCAR Token

CCAR is the in-game utility token that can be used for in-game payments and a reward for player participation in tournaments and missions. Players can also earn rewards by betting on CCAR. The totalidade supply of CCAR is 1 billion.

Where to buy the CCAR Token?

CCAR can be purchased on several major cryptocurrency exchanges, some of the biggest are: Gate.io, PancakeSwap (V2) and ZT.

Attention: The token continues to be sold on the aforementioned exchanges, but we at PortalCripto advise you to do your own research before investing in the project. Investing in cryptocurrencies is highly risky and speculative, and this article is not a writer’s recommendation for investing in cryptocurrencies.

Is CryptoCars a possible scam in the market?

After many promises, the game began to melt in the market, with a gameplay that was not at all attractive to its players, being the famous click to win the game mode. The customer base was maintained only with the hope that the game would undergo an appreciation and be improved. But in the last few months, several actions began to be carried out by the game’s developers that began to draw attention. One of them was the withdrawals of in-game coins before the 12 month deadline, which was promised would not occur, showing that the devs were withdrawing values.

Also, on the official website of CryptoCars and its sister games, the programmers’ photo and profile have been deleted, making it anything but transparent. Moderators of groups then, who had the project’s CEO’s Telegram, started calling him to demand explanations, but he simply disappeared. One of the members of the CryptoCars Brasil community recalled that the guideline was to banish those who speak ill of the project in groups (a common practice carried out by scammers and pyramid schemers), but this is not correct, as everyone must have explanations about the problems and finally at the moment As of writing this article, the site remains offline.


CryptoCars was considered to be the first major racing-based racing game that offered players different racing modes. Players won in the game by participating in PVC races, fighting in PVP combats, playing Virtual Races, betting with CCAR and buying shares in workshops with other players, the ccar token continues to sell on some exchanges, but well below its all-time high that was BRL 9. At the time of writing this article the value of the cryptocurrency is BRL 0.02628.

The views and opinions expressed by the author, or anyone mentioned in this article, are for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, investment or other advice. Investing or trading cryptocurrencies carries a risk of financial loss.

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