when does the presale end and what will the listing price be?

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IMPT digital token
IMPT has joined forces with hundreds of retailers to allow businesses to acquire carbon credits and offset their global footprint – Photo: Shutterstock

The carbon offsetting platform IMPT has announced the listing price of its IMPT.io token as part of its second presale phase. 

The price of IMPT.io’s token is set at $0.023, around 20% above its initial presale price of $0.018, with the listing due to end on 11 December, according to IMPT’s website.

Users are able to buy the token at the presale value by connecting their crypto wallets at IMPT.io and purchasing with the token with ethereum ($ETH) or USDT.


$15m raised in presale

While presales are a good way for early stage investors to purchase tokens at a discounted price, it can also take time for tokens to gain momentum and awareness within the wider crypto industry. IMPT, however, seems to have gathered significant interest since its whitepaper went live. It raised more than $15m in its presale phase in just two months, with more than $500,000 of the totalidade amount raised in the past 24 hours.

After 11 December, the token is due to be listed on the decentralised exchange Uniswap, with a confirmed date of 14 December.

IMPT.io also announced the token would be listed on LBank, although a confirmation date has not yet been set.

IMPT’s whitepaper outlines its aim to help combat climage change by allowing users to connect with impactful environmental projects around the world with the purpose of reducing global carbon emissions.

It said: “We believe that making a contribution to the environment should be affordable to anyone regardless of whether or not an individual or organisation is capable of purchasing carbon credits.”

IMPT allows users to transfer their tokens into carbon credit NFTs, and rewards points to businesses and consumers that integrate its platform into their operations in order to play a part in reducing their carbon footprint.

It currently works with a handful of retail and commerce brands, such as Amazon, Samsung and Microsoft, and aims to partner with 10,000 retailers by launch time. 

Its whitepaper says, “More than 10,000 of the biggest retailers around the world will join IMPT.io with over 2 billion individual projects. Each retailer is ready to allocate a specific percentage of sales margin for environmental projects. Users will get sales margin from each purchase they make in the form of IMPT tokens. When they reach the necessary amount, they will exchange them for carbon credits. This way each member of society will be able to help the planet simply by doing their regular shopping.”

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