Will Solana (SOL) Rally Persist as NFT Sales Surpass the $5 Billion Mark?

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The Solana blockchain has recently experienced enormous success in the NFT industry, with sales reaching above the $5 billion mark, according to the CryptoSlam statistics. This change signifies a remarkable shift in the dynamics of Solana, which had previously encountered difficulties in building a notable presence within the NFT marketplace.

Revival in Solana’s NFT Performance

The NFT ecosystem in Solana has experienced growth and a notable recovery from the stagnation it had previously experienced. As per the data of February 26th, the sale of Solana NFTs is already over $ 5 billion. 

This surge is supported by solid user activity with over 2.2 million buyers, 1.6 million sellers, and almost 43 million transactions. The trend mirrors the NFT sales spike on the blockchain in November 2023, which indicated a revived interest in the offering of Solana and fueled the SOL bull rally.

Solana Token Price Rallies

This new demand for Solana’s NFT marketplace is consistent with the bullish movement of the SOL token. The coin is priced at $102.73 at press time, an appreciation of 302% over a year, as per Coinmarketcap. 

SOL/USD 1-day price chart (source: CoinMarketCap)

Although there was a slight deceleration in sales volume in January, with figures standing at over $239 million, February’s sales have already reached $161 million, emphasizing the sustained appeal of Solana NFTs.

Sustained Growth Despite Increased Transaction Fees

Despite a significant hike in transaction fees, which saw a 2,800% increase from $0.001 to $0.03, Solana’s network activity remains buoyant. Daily active addresses and transaction counts have maintained high levels, indicating users’ willingness to bear the increased costs for the value they receive on the platform. This resilience is further evidenced by the spike in Solana’s revenue and its growing DeFi presence, with its Totalidade Value Locked (TVL) reaching the $2 billion mark.



Amidst Solana’s impressive performance, the broader market sentiment remains mixed. While the token has seen over 17% growth in the last 30 days, concerns about its social volume and bearish market sentiment have surfaced. Nonetheless, the derivatives market metrics remain bullish on Solana, with Futures investors actively buying SOL, indicating a positive outlook for the token’s continued growth.

SOL/USD Technical Analysis

Despite the bullish trend in the SOLUSD market, the Money Flow Índice (MFI) rating of 44.72, which points south, indicates that purchasing pressure may be decreasing. If the MFI continues to decrease and goes below 40, it may signal a move toward selling pressure and a market downturn.

SOL/USD 24-hour price chart (source: TradingView)

Furthermore, the Relative Strength Índice (RSI) rating of 46.93 suggests that purchasing pressure may decrease since it is below 50, which normally implies a fading bullish trend. This pattern indicates that the negative trend could intensify if the RSI continues to fall unless there is a significant increase in purchasing activity to reverse the present trend.

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