XRP Crypto Whale Dumps Millions. Could Investors Back Bitbot’s ICO?

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Ripple Labs, which hit the headlines as one of the crypto projects facing permitido challenges from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has faced another setback after a crypto whale dumped more than 27 million XRP coins. While this has led analysts to reset their XRP price predictions for 2024, many XRP investors could jump ship to the Bitbot bandwagon.

Bitbot recently launched its crypto presale, with 300 million tokens available during the 15-stage ICO, and it has gotten off to a flying start. The presale has already raised $442k in just 3 weeks. With analysts backing it to become one of the top crypto assets of 2024, here’s how XRP price predictions in the wake of the crypto whale news could provide this new Telegram trading bot a significant boost.

Bitbot: The security-focused Telegram trading bot

Telegram trading bots are becoming integral to the intelligent trader’s toolkit; their automated crypto trading capabilities execute trades based on predetermined parameters and instructions. More than $7 billion has been traded via Telegram trading bots, with new users joining weekly. Unibot, arguably the best-known bot on Telegram, quadrupled its daily active number of users in the month leading up to January 2024, illustrating the growing market Bitbot is targeting.

However, it’s not all good news, with leading Telegram trading bots targeted by crypto hackers and thieves. Unibot lost more than $500k in one hack, while Banana Gun fell victim to a suspected rug pull that saw the coin lose 99% within an hour of the news of the attack breaking.

Bitbot is countering these security risks with its no-holds-barred approach to safety and asset security by launching the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot. Ex-Wall Street traders have played a vital role in developing Bitbot’s security-focused platform, teaming up with security firm Knightsafe to employ advanced wallet technology.

This has led to Bitbot employing a “Not your keys, not your crypto” approach to security. Connecting wallets without compromising custody over their private keys gives users totalidade control over their do dedo assets, as funds are only transferred once trades are complete.

Knightsafe facilitates this by using multi-party computation wallets to replace traditional private keys. The result is a multiple key share system between numerous parties, meaning no single person or entity can access a user’s entire security key.

Other critical security measures have been employed to protect Bitbot users from hackers and other nefarious threats, such as MEV bots that artificially pump transaction costs for their financial gain. These anti-MEV bots and anti-rug pull measures that protect users against a repeat of the Banana Gun fiasco are already building confidence from early-stage investors in the Bitbot value proposition.

What else does Bitbot offer traders?

Bitbot’s outstanding commitment to user security and safety elevates it above other Telegram trading bots, but what is the user experience like for those wanting to trade?

In addition to a highly accessible and user-friendly UX, in which users can access up to three free wallets, Bitbot traders also have access to a wide range of institutional-grade tools that help improve their ability to make profitable trading decisions.

For instance, the platform’s sniping tool identifies undervalued coins at low prices, buys them, and sells them for a considerable profit within user-defined levels. Meanwhile, newbies can copy trades from successful members using the copy trade feature, and Bitbot’s referral program rewards users with lifetime passive income opportunities.

That’s not all. Holders of the BITBOT token gain additional benefits, including a share of revenue generated by trades, exclusive airdrops, and governance control rights. In addition, 100 winners will win $1,000 each in an exclusive competition for community members.

How high can the BITBOT price go?

With cybersecurity becoming an ever-greater concern for crypto investors in the wake of the Unibot and Banana Gun issues, crypto whales dumping XRP coins, and other potential breaches, Bitbot is launching at the right time to provide potential investors with peace of mind.

CoinDesk reported that Unibot achieved 200x returns in 2023 for early presale investors as its native token surpassed $200, while its market cap exceeded the $200 million barrier before its hack. With a market cap of $64 million at the time of writing, despite the ongoing security concerns, the evidence for a bright Bitbot future stacks up.

While the XRP price prediction has been revised downward in the wake of the dumping of tokens by crypto whales, the opposite is true for Bitbot as it launches itself in an industry still in its infancy. This gives Bitbot an enormous opportunity to become a market leader in the Telegram trading bot sector and help shape its future.

Analysts are assessing the future of Bitbot once its 15-stage ICO concludes, tipping this crypto pioneer to hit the ground running as it lists on leading crypto exchanges. Given Unibot’s numbers and Bitbot’s superior security, conservative experts forecast at least 50x returns in 2024, with 100x growth potential by 2025 once the next bull run takes hold.

Is Bitbot the best crypto investment of 2024?

As XRP price predictions battle to overcome the impact of crypto whales ahead of the scheduled Bitcoin halving event later this year, Bitbot’s crypto presale has already taken flight in investors’ minds.

Now in stage 3 and priced at just $0.011, Bitbot is looking like one of the best crypto investments of 2024, not only offering early-stage investors the chance to be part of the world’s first non-custodial Telegram trading bot but also enjoying potential 100x returns as it becomes a revolutionary force within the sector.

To learn more and purchase BITBOT tokens, visit the official website

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